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The best tweak tool on the market designed to improve your Windows experience. It’s Free, lightweight and easy to use. Temporary files are created when you play, download, save, or copy something on your PC. Temporary files are pretty much useless and can take up a lot of disk space. Temp_Cleaner tool allows you to get rid of these files automatically. As a bonus, if you have a Sony Playstation 4 console, you can have some of your PS4’s downloaded games and movies to be automatically deleted too.

The app is available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 10.0.10586, 10.0.10240, 10.0.10586.

Combine-a-Bin is a powerful file management tool that combines a few user modes: a file explorer, a ZIP archiver and a portable exe file manager. When combined in one program, it provides you with more than 100 commands, helping you to save storage space, and clear temporary files. With Combine-a-Bin, you can do more than just open and archive files: it can also create various archives, extract files from archives, extract archives and merge archives. It can also manage file extensions, provide smart shortcuts and get rid of extra files.

I use both the Free and Pro versions, with the latter being recommended. From the first time I used it, I was impressed with the design of the program, and it made opening and managing files a breeze. From this point of view, I would recommend this program to anyone.

I’m using the Free version and I can’t recommend this software. I am trying to compress a folder with MP3s to and it is taking a very long time, even though there are only 8mp3s in the folder, but the other 2 are over 6Gb long. It is now asking for an email address for an “invitation”. There is no way I can provide an email address. I have even tried hitting Cancel, but it still keeps asking for it. It just keeps doing the same thing. What do I do?

If you open the “Select an archive” box, then hit “OK”, it should prompt you for an email address.


Download now from Softonic: FREE.

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This is an alternative to Total Commander (TC) which is not free 384a16bd22

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■ Remember macros saved to the clipboard
■ Import macros from Clipboard to work with your data
■ Apply macros to your data (one, all or some)
■ Macro calls within macros are visible, use viewer to see macro being called
■ Macros can be called in a “pass by reference” mode so you can pass values back to the macro
■ Macros can be called in “pass by value” mode so macros are not cleared after calling
■ Macros can be called in a “call by name” mode
■ Enable or disable debugging (click the Debug button)
■ Macro debugging displays the variable and expression before, during or after each macro call
■ Display the value of the variable prior to calling the macro
■ Macros will automatically call themselves if you click on any blank line to call a new macro
■ Macros can be automatically called from the workbook in a similar manner to macros called from the Ribbon
■ Macros can call other macros
■ Modify variables in the macro
■ Remove variables from the macro
■ Insert variables into the macro (in a different order than what they appear in the macro)
■ Enable or disable the.DISPLAY and.PRINTING when calling macros
■ Cancel macros after the macro has been called
■ Automatically cancel macros called by the workbook if the user hits Cancel
■ Automatically cancel all macros called by the workbook when the workbook is closed
■ Enable or disable macros called from the workbook
■ Call the workbook’s macros by using a sheet’s name (this way you can use a named reference from a different workbook)
■ Automatically call macro “from” a sheet when the user uses a sheet name to refer to a macro
■ When calling macros from a sheet name, force the macro to run even if the workbook is not open
■ Use or create a hyperlink to a macro
■ Create a URL (the location of a macro) that opens to the specified location
■ Automatic Close (no need to click the x in the top right corner) of all workbooks in the after a selected macro has been run
■ Automatically close the workbook before starting a macroе妇еџжѓ-д№жѕдёйќўе·зљ/

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