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KEYMACRO is a free keyboard macro recorder and manager software. You can easily record the commands you type on the keyboard and then use these commands to repeat them at any time. You can also set them to automatically repeat at a certain time or on certain keypresses.
KEYMACRO Features:
KEYMACRO provides many functions that can be used to facilitate your work with your computer.
Optionally configure the program
The program comes with a configurable tool that can be used to set a few additional features. You can edit the macros, the available keyboard combinations, and set the default behavior of the macros.
Record and playback commands typed on your keyboard
You can record the typed keystrokes and play them back at any time. This is particularly useful if you want to learn new keyboard shortcuts or if you want to learn a particular combination of keyboard commands.
Set macros to repeat at certain time and keypresses
You can set macros to repeat at a certain time and on a certain keypress. You can also set the time that the macros will repeat.
Enable or disable macros
You can enable or disable a macro by pressing a key on your keyboard. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to a macro.
Make macro files portable
You can save the recorded commands as portable files that can be used on any computer without the need to install KEYMACRO.
Allow you to learn new keyboard shortcuts or memorize a particular set of commands you want to use on a regular basis
Allows you to record macros without being dependent on the application
Enables you to easily enable or disable macros
Allows you to easily set macros to repeat on certain keypresses
Enables you to set macros to repeat on certain time
Enables you to set macros to automatically repeat
Allows you to make macros portable
Allows you to automate repetitive tasks
It is dependent on the applications you use on a regular basis 84e02134c1

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Enter two keywords and select the common ancestor.
After choosing the common ancestor, select a country, a historical period, and a population to obtain ancestral information about your family.
Select the appropriate display option from the option menu to view the data.
KeyMACRO offers you the possibility to choose the location of your ancestor, the time period and the population, and then to include a display option.
The choice of the ancestor’s location is the most important one because you can search using the entire world in a quick and effective manner.
Moreover, KeyMACRO will provide you with basic geographic data about the chosen place and time. This will help you to find out more about the location of your ancestor’s ancestors.
Alternatively, you can also select the country and then the historical period and population. At that point, you can perform detailed searches using this platform. This feature is ideal for genealogists and family historians because it helps to find out more about the people your family tree is built up of.
Delve into the details
The history of a family or a city can be found using this tool. In other words, you can choose the time and place and find out more about your ancestors.
This tool also allows you to enter a country and a historical period. Using this feature, you can know more about what your family ancestors did, where they came from, and even what their family members were like.
This application has a very simple interface that is easy to use. Simply use the search bar to find a person, a place, or a historical period.
Moreover, you can choose the population to view the information of a large number of people. You can also select the option to show only the descendants or only the ancestors.
Use the option menu to add or delete information about each person.
The option menu allows you to include or exclude certain elements such as names, information, or location.
You can also control the number of rows and columns to view the data.
You can easily edit the information by using a drop-down menu.
KeyMACRO offers many useful features to find more information about your family.
The option menu, which has a few options, is not intuitive enough.
This tool is a handy application. Thanks to it, you can quickly find out more about your family. However, the in-built option menu could be more user-friendly.
This is an incredibly useful application for anyone

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