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Work with up to 10 desktops, even though your PC has only one.

Quick access to more than 1,200 windows with a single mouse click.

Windows in your choice of position: left, right, top or bottom.

Multiple workspaces on one screen, so you can work simultaneously on a multitude of projects.

Quick access to your favorite programs by custom hotkeys.

Let the built-in application manager guide you through your favorite and most used programs.

With up to 10 active desktops you can work with different applications simultaneously.

You have the option of the screens being either at the top or bottom of the screen, whichever you prefer.

You can move windows between all your desktops using a mouse click or you can use a single mouse click to simply move the active window to any of your desktops.

You can customize your workspace settings, so you can arrange the screens according to your personal preference.

A beautiful, bright and colorful interface, which is as easy to use as it is attractive.

When you use the most popular window manager there are no differences in size and location of windows in comparison to other window managers.

Built-in taskbar manager: list all open windows and show information about them.

Handy taskbar manager allows you to open new windows.

Built-in application manager lets you start your favorite programs directly from the desktop.

Easy to use interface allows you to access the most popular programs and view files as a normal document.

Easy to navigate user friendly menu makes it easy to do basic functions.

Drag and drop allows you to drag and drop items between desktops.

Zoom allows you to resize windows.

Customize interface: Change background, colors and icons.

Built-in media player to play music, videos, and a variety of digital media.

Decorate your desktops to make it look like your own private office.

Built-in tools: Create custom desktops.

Customizable toolbars on each desktop.

Customize window toolbars.

Create multiple keyboard shortcuts.

Resize the workspace.

Write shortcut keys for the most commonly used applications.

Support for multiple monitors (up to 4)

Support for any language interface.

Fully configurable: Set-up keyboard shortcuts, mouse buttons, color, sounds and window positions. eea19f52d2

The Short Attention Span Docbook project is a collection of files and tools that you can use to create Docbook XML documents. When this project was created, Docbook XML was at version 1.2.3. There have been updates and changes since then, but the most recent Docbook packages used by the Short Attention Span Docbook project are 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.3, 1.4.4, 1.4.5, 1.4.6, 1.5.1, and 1.5.2.
In this docbook5 package, the Short Attention Span Docbook project includes a set of files that make it easy to build a Docbook XML document. It can take an author from an XML file, where they author their content, to a PDF, RTF, or HTML file with the information in a clean, easily read and editable form.
Docbook XML is a markup language that allows authors to easily write articles or books. Docbook XML allows the author to mark up their content in a way that allows for easy reuse and distribution. The result is a set of files that are easy to distribute. They are also easy to edit and reuse in a variety of projects. You can read the Docbook XML spec or download a quickstart guide to find out more about Docbook XML.
The Short Attention Span Docbook project contains the following files:
* A collection of project templates.
* A collection of bash scripts to help you quickly create Docbook XML documents and HTML files from an existing XML file.
* The latest Docbook XML stylesheets.
* A collection of tools that make it easy to create Docbook XML documents.
* Links to other documentation that can help you use Docbook XML.
* Links to online communities that can help you get answers to your questions about Docbook XML.
* Links to blogs about Docbook XML.
* Information on how to use Docbook XML.
* Information on how to use Docbook XML with LaTeX or other types of packages.
* Information on how to make Docbook XML documents available in print.
* A selection of sample documents created using Docbook XML.
Short Attention Span Docbook was created by the Docbook XML Working Group. You can contact them to ask questions, report bugs, suggest improvements, or provide feedback about Docbook XML

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