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✓ Notes Widget to Make Notes Easily – An amazing notes widget that helps you to make notes as soon as you wake up.
✓ Beautiful, Clean, Minimal UI – notes is a small piece of software that enables you to create memos with all the important reminders, lists and other things that you want to avoid forgetting without too much hassle.
✓ Includes a minimalistic, yet clean and intuitive interface
✓ Considering that the program does not require setup, you can just unpack it in the desired location and then run it without any further configuration. The application comes with a simple UI that is designed as a table and hence, provides you with extra data that can help you identify memos that may share the same name.
✓ Therefore, in addition to the name, you can preview the dates when the notes are created and modified as well as their size. It is necessary to mention that the filenames generated from the first line of text you enter in your note. While it can save you some time as it removes this extra step, it would be helpful if the tool included the option to name your memos.
✓ Allows you to set dedicated key combinations
✓ The utility revolves around the idea of convenient and hence, the app is designed to save and create backups of the notes automatically. In addition, you can add key combinations to access the tool and to start a new note or close the application hitting the Escape key. Moreover, the utility enables you to copy all content to clipboard and thus, save even more time and get less distracted.
✓ Since you do not have to name your files, use shortcuts to add new memos and copy the content to clipboard with just one click, you can considerably improve your overall productivity and perhaps, contribute to a better workflow.
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notepad 2.16

notepad Description:
notepad – lightweight, fast, easy-to-use Notepad replacement.

notepad 2.16 [Download]

notepad Description:
notepad – lightweight, fast, easy-to-use Notepad replacement.

notepad 2 eea19f52d2

Cute Context Menu will allow you to add a Context Menu to your desktop or in Windows Explorer.
With a few clicks, you can add a Context Menu to your desktop or folder.
Change the default name, the image that will be used to display the menu, and rename the menu items.
The context menu includes: Add File, Rename, Delete, Move, Copy, Add Folder, Add to Library, and Go to Folder.
The Context Menu is fully customizable. You can select which files should be added to the menu, whether you want to see the path or description of the files.
Cute Context Menu for Mac OS X:
Cute Context Menu for Mac OS X 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, 10.4, 10.3, 10.2, 10.1
You have to use a Mac and in OS X 10.9 or later with Mountain Lion, Lion, Mountain Lion and Lion, or Snow Leopard, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Leopard.
You must have a valid and current version of the Cute Context Menu Installer.
1. Download and install the Cute Context Menu Installer in your Applications folder
2. Then double click the ‘Install’ file to start the installation process
3. To uninstall just follow the instructions above to download the uninstaller and then double click to remove.
4. Run the installation file by double clicking to start the setup process.

– Add or remove items from your context menu.
– Change the default items of the menu.
– Change the displayed image of the context menu.
– Change the context menu name.
– You can remove items from the menu.

Desktop Customization:
– You can edit the menu and select any file or folder, and rename the menu items to nice easy to use freindly names.

– Customize the Desktop:
The desktop customization options allow you to set the opacity of the desktop color, to change the ‘Logo’, ‘Background’ and ‘Text color’, to select the transparency of the default windows, and to set the opacity of all icons.
– You can also select the transparency of the items of the context menu.
– You can also rename the items of the context menu.

– All images are included in the application.

– Help:
The Help features of the Cute Context Menu will help

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