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Create new protection-based applications with the help of ExeShield Protector, a useful tool to easily create trial versions of your applications and offer free usage of your software to a limited number of people.
File Manager: It is the most important feature of this software. When you install it, you will be given a file manager window that lets you browse the software installation directory and all available file types. The software has a “quick” mode that lets you access different functions like view, create, delete or open a file from inside the file manager window. Also, ExeShield Protector provides you with built-in file browser that allows you to open, copy, and move the files. It can also be used for all the file types you may have installed on your computer. It is easy to perform these tasks by opening the file manager and clicking the file you want to open.
Version Information: In the version information tab, you can specify different details about your application, such as its name, description, version number, version date, and license. These information is a must when it comes to generating a trial. Moreover, you can set the version number and description of your application through the drop down lists. You can use this as your application’s splash screen and home screen images. You can even specify the name of your application in the text box.
License Key: You can also specify the different types of licenses available for your software. The software comes with many different types of licenses. You can choose between open source licenses, premium licenses, trial licenses, volume licenses, and individual licenses. Once you select your type of license, you can specify the number of users you want to enable. Additionally, you can specify a few different options. These include trial duration, number of times the trial can be used, and when the license expires.
File Uninstall: You can remove an installed file by selecting it and hitting the Uninstall button. The software is well-designed so that you don’t have to go through different steps to remove a particular file. You just have to select the file and hit the Uninstall button.
License History: In this tab, you can specify the history of all the licenses that have been activated and deactivated in your application. You can also deactivate an unused license.
Display Images: You can set an application’s splash screen, application’s desktop image, and application’s home screen image through the drop down list. Additionally, you can set the application’s icon by placing it in the eea19f52d2

Self Test Training – CCIE Collaboration Written 400-051 is a reliable tool designed to help you prepare yourself for passing the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Collaboration exam. The program offers you the means for practicing with comprehensive sets of questions, in a genuine exam environment.
Simple to use learning assistant
Self Test Training – CCIE Collaboration Written 400-051 features several modules, each offering a different type of exercise. The Learning Mode, Rapid Review and the Assessment Test allow you to view the questions and reveal the answer, by highlighting the correct option. You may also select the questions you wish to view in each session, by choosing the categories or searching for them by keywords.
The Practice Mode allows you to take tests, in order to evaluate your knowledge and get accustomed to the timed exam session. You may not reveal the correct answer before the end of the test while in this mode.
Skill evaluation and progress monitor
Self Test Training – CCIE Collaboration Written 400-051 allows you to end each test in the Learning and Practice Modes with a quick review of all the answers you selected. Moreover, the program can calculate your overall score at the end of each test and display a detailed report of your answers.
All the scores you acquire in the two, previously mentioned modes are stored in the Exam History, which allows you to observe your progress. Moreover, you may randomize the order of the answer options, to prevent yourself from memorizing their location.
Quickly set the exam preferences
Self Test Training – CCIE Collaboration Written 400-051 enables you to set the passing score and adjust the Practice exam time. Thus, the program allows you to customize your learning and practice experience, to suit your method of studying. You may also keep personal notes, regarding each question.

The Cisco® Collaboration Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) exam helps network professionals gain expertise in the Cisco® Collaboration portfolio. This exam recognizes the need for network professionals who have broad technical competency in the Cisco® Collaboration portfolio, which include the Cisco® Networks, Cisco® Security, and Cisco® Virtual TelePresence.
You will need to pass the exam to be certified in the Cisco® Collaboration portfolio. The exam has six areas of focus and 26 test objectives. The pre-test review session includes a comprehensive review of the objectives and topics for the exam. The exam includes all knowledge areas and sub-areas included in the Cisco® Collaboration portfolio. For more information

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