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Portable iTunesControl is a small program that sits in your system tray, and allows you to use certain key combinations (such as Windows Key + P to play/pause) to control iTunes.


Portable iTunesControl is a small program that sits in your system tray, and allows you to use certain key combinations (such as Windows Key + P to play/pause) to control iTunes.

Very nice! I always like to have a little quick iTunes control in my tray.

BTW – something similar is also included in MediaMonkey Player (the open source program used in my very nice MP3 player) and KTLinux. It’s easy to do, just start it when starting the player.

My friend(using WinXP) asked me to add a quick Windows key to control(Pause, Play, etc…) on his computer.

I wrote a small program (easy to use) and add it to my system tray. And it works great! He doesnt have to touch his keyboard.

You can download it from

Afaik, its not free. I wont be giving my website free publicity. But this is only a temporary solution. Maybe later I will develop a full version of my little program and post it here and maybe will offer it free of charge.

iTunes 5 has an updated look/feel. Especially the new ‘invisible’ volume slider. But the interface also made some changes. I don’t use the cover flow because I prefer the previous slider with the Big icons.

So to adapt to that I started to create a new control that works as a ‘big’ button.

Since I have the problem that iMac users don’t have an ‘invisible’ volume slider on the left side of the screen (I know, this is on purpose), I can only make it ‘big’ if it’s not scaled. I needed a controll like the volume slider on MacOS, so you can choose the size of it.

If you want to use the Mac OS-Volume control, it will look more like the Apple Volume Control.

You have to scale it down, to make it look nice.

The ‘Big’ button will move to the left side when the music is up.

Is the ‘Big’ button ‘live’ or static? I have it as static (sc eea19f52d2

Corel WordPerfect Office 2010


Customer Reviews

After spending some time browsing the web for a software to process.pdf files on my Windows 7 64 Bit PC, I found the PDF tool of Corel and decided to try it on my PC.
The package is mostly self contained, only PDFs and a.chm file are missing.
After installation, the program starts and in a short moment, it will show the welcome screen and a short window stating which options you have and where the help is located.
Before going to use the application, I opened and read some of the help pages.
When I wanted to use the document from a folder, it was not clear to me where it had to be put in the file system.
Then I saw an option to use the program as an online tool, you could use it online and through the.chm file.
After all, I tried to open some of my documents, it worked perfectly and I could read and print the file.
I was very happy with the result, but I am still looking for a software that will allow me to access my.pdf documents on my PC without using a third party tool or that I will upload on some server.

Editorial Review

WordPerfect Office is an office suite suitable for both home and business use which incorporates a rich set of document management and collaborative tools. It is compatible with Microsoft Office and includes advanced PDF capabilities, featuring extensive support for scanned documents. It is easy to navigate and has a clean yet familiar GUI. Its developers have also created two key applications that make WordPerfect Office an attractive option: One lets you manage and organize your personal contacts, and the other is a dedicated browser which will let you view e-books, work files and manage the network address book. The program has numerous functionalities and is well-designed.

Flawless functionality and a familiar interface

The programs’ design follows the classic layout, with the basic features organized on the top and the most commonly used on the bottom toolbar. The screen includes a few menus, a search box and a toolbar which you will use to format your documents.

The toolbar can be rearranged to accommodate your preferences, and you can add your most used commands in the menu and put them in position.

This ensures that you will always have access to the most used functions of the program.

Available and reliable tools

The application has everything you could ever

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