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· sPW – encrypted password used to decrypt and manipulate the encrypted data record.
· df – file delimiter
· sFileKey – file key used to encrypt and decrypt data records.
· cf – column delimiter
· cn – column name
· n – column number
· ls – log start delimiter
· ls1 – log string start delimiter
· ls2 – log string end delimiter
· ls3 – log comment string start delimiter
· ls4 – log comment string end delimiter
· inFile – file name to open.
· outFile – file name to write the result to.
· iflag – file indicating line number (for the header file) to read. This can be used to process header data only.
· oflag – file indicating column number (for the header file) to read. This can be used to process header data only.
· cntr – counter for reading column delimiters from the header file.
· vsn – version string. If apacheLogToDB was compiled with support for versioning, vsn will contain the version and build number.
· dl – display length. Only required when the server uses rexprssr, that expects a limited number of characters to be shown.
· tfn – token delimiter to treat strings
· tfnu – string to treat as a number
· tffu – string to treat as a float
· ffmn – min length of string to treat as a number
· fffmn – max length of string to treat as a number
· fmfn – min length of string to treat as a float
· fffmn – max length of string to treat as a float
· filmn – min length of string to treat as a int
· fffmn – max length of string to treat as a int
· kdf – key data format. See DataFormatOption
· pw – password for decrypting the encrypted data
· ks – key size in bytes
· ck – verification key size in bytes
· pvt – data record is the private part of a key and this private key is not meant to be published.
· kt – key table name
· sT – start time
· eT – end time
· k – key count, corresponds to the number of lines in the file.
· pk – pseudo-key. This is 84e02134c1

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