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Issue with Not Equal to operator

I’m having an issue with the operator. I’ve searched online and found that this is how it should work.
When I run this code
Dim i As Integer = 0

If i 10 Then
ElseIf i = 1 Then
End If

i = 2

I expect to see “hi” 3 times but only “hi” is seen. However, when i = 3 or 4, I see “hi” 3 times again. Why?
If i = 3 then for some reason it’s picking up as true and saying hi 3 times but if i = 4 then it says hi 3 times and not 4.
This is just one of many case. I get a different scenario every time.
The only thing that consistently happens is I run the code and it ends up saying hi 3 times, despite the actual statement only saying 1 or 0. I am using VB6, but I imagine this is a language issue. Any insight?


Dim i as Integer is converted to an I if the Dim statement is omitted.
Integer is a type with some integral values, not including 0. It is a bit more than an Int16.
Dim i As I If i = 0 Then

Dim i As Short If i = 0 Then

Dim i As Byte If i = 0 Then

Dim i As Long If i = 0 Then

Dim i As Integer

Dim i As Byte = 1

Dim i As Short = 1

Dim i As Integer = 1

Dim i As Long = 1

Dim i As Double = 1

Dim i As Single = 1

Dim i As Decimal = 1

Dim i As Single.NaN = 1

Dim i As Decimal.NaN = 1

Dim i As Single.PositiveInfinity = 1

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