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The TDateTimePickerEx offers a convenient interface for selection and editing of date and time components. Many features and properties have been taken from the TDateTimePicker descendant.
The main advantage of the component is that it allows you to edit time part of a date in a native dialog with an interface that will be close to the TDateTimePicker one. In addition, you can use the Date part of the TDateTimePicker to display either time or date components in order to select or edit a date.
In fact, you can simply:

put an instance of TDateTimePickerEx into a TForm by setting its Bounds to its ClientRect.
add a TDateTimePicker descendant and a TTimePicker descendant to its forms layout
use the properties of TDateTimePicker for date and properties of TTimePicker for time
set it to the same date and time to see the result as in TDateTimePicker.

To edit time part of a date in a native dialog, set it’s SetFormat property to one of the following:

“d” for the default date formatting.
“dd” or “MMMM d” for the date representation for short month names or one day before or after the specified date.
“ddd” or “MMMM d” for the date representation with short names.

To avoid the Focused property from the TDateTimePicker descendant, you should override the WndProc method for SetFocus and SetFocusEx events of your forms layout.

Useful links:

More information about Date and Time controls in Windows.
How to: Use and create Date and Time Controls in Windows Applications.


I have been using this component for some time and it works.


TDateTimePicker is a standard Delphi component and is part of the core Delphi packages. You can find it on the Delphi Code Library:


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Android: 2.2.1 and later
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