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KEYMACRO lets you to create keyboard macros with a few clicks. The program allows you to create repeatable keyboard sequences, including a few mouse clicks, opening a file or application, and so on. You can customize them in various ways: via a flexible system of hotkeys; a powerful sequence editor, in which you can manage macros and replay them in the order you specify; or by creating a user-defined set of scripts that can be assigned to the hotkeys of your choice. For example, you can create a shortcut key for opening up Firefox and then navigate through all the tabs in that instance.
Keymacro has a clean and intuitive user interface that can be easily found in the Add New Keymacro item, or by selecting Manage Current Keymacro on the Welcome screen. The left pane features the list of all existing macros, including a description and a preview of the active one.
New and Edit Keymacro dialog box is also accessible via the Manage Current Keymacro section. The fields under this dialog box let you enter the name and location of the shortcut file you want to edit, specify the hotkeys that should be used for the macro, and customize the sequence of key presses. For instance, you can specify to enter the browser’s address bar with the currently highlighted tab selected, or to open up the email’s sent items with the selected file selected.
Right-click the Edit button and a context menu displays all available options in the right pane of the window, such as Open, Export, and Import. All the commands are pretty self-explanatory, as you can see from the images below.
It is also possible to open the Keyboard Shortcuts window, which displays a list of all available hotkeys. By clicking the Add button in this window, a shortcut can be assigned to the keystroke.
Finally, you can open or create a New Keymacro from the Main Menu, which opens a new window where you can select or create a new macro.
Wise Switch Description:
Wise Switch is a utility that allows you to manage virtual desktop switches, such as switching between two folders or applications. It is a combination of a virtual desktop manager and a virtual switch system. What this means is that you can have several desktop areas which you switch between, in addition to virtual switch windows, which allow you to switch between two or more windows, or open up multiple folders.
Wise Switch can be started via the New Virtual Switch item on the Welcome d82f892c90

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The KEYMACRO SDK allows you to manipulate a number of Windows-based applications, such as MS Office, Excel and PowerPoint, which is done using macros written in the KEYMACRO Programming Language. The program allows you to create macros that are either written directly in the KEYMACRO programming language or by using the KEYMACRO Visual Studio template.
KEYMACRO Editor Description:
With the KEYMACRO Editor you can view and edit the source code of the macros created using the KEYMACRO Programming Language.
KEYMACRO Visual Studio Description:
The KEYMACRO Visual Studio contains the Visual Studio 2013 IDE, which allows you to create and edit the source code of the macros that can be used in applications, as well as create projects.
TANALYSER Description:
The TANALYSER SDK allows you to analyze and extract information from Windows-based documents, such as: document titles, authors and dates, as well as dates and author data from Microsoft Excel files.
The TANALYSER SDK is easy to integrate into existing software, as it includes a set of standard macros that are provided with the program. The macro functions can be used without the need for any programming experience.
The sample programs supplied with the software allow you to analyze some sample files and document titles. The demonstration programs also contain macros that can be used to change the name and color of the output data.
DataVAR Description:
The DataVAR SDK allows you to extract data from the XML files that are used to export data to databases. This information includes data entries, such as: identity card data, addresses, phone numbers, logon and SIN numbers, as well as financial information.
The DataVAR SDK is easy to integrate into existing software, as it includes a set of macros that are provided with the program. The macro functions can be used without the need for any programming experience.
Mgosoft provides each of the SDKs free of charge for a period of one year.
We hope that the information supplied in this section will help you to understand the functionality of the software. If you have any questions, please contact the Mgosoft sales team on following description is provided to assist the understanding of the reader. None of the information provided or references cited is admitted to be prior art.
A virtual machine (VM) is a portion of software that, when executed on appropriate hardware, creates an environment allowing the virtual

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