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ASCII Creator provides you a way to convert a favorite image in ASCII art form in HTML format. The tool’s options are intuitive and easy to use.
ASCII Creator is provided free of charge, however, you have to agree with the developer’s terms of use and to remove all of the tool’s components from your PC after use.
Please note: Any similarity between the features in this program and those of known brands or products is purely coincidental and not intended to disparage such brands, products, or websites.

Evaluation and conclusion
ASCII Creator gives you the possibility to convert pictures into simple, basic and fun HTML files in a straightforward manner. Despite the software’s small size, it offers a wide set of options, which can be modified in accordance with the personal preferences. The user interface consists of a single window with a standard design that offers everything you need.
No setup is required for the utility to work. All files, folders and directories are created in the directory from which the program is launched.


You can create an html file from an image. If you can find a tool that does the opposite, you can convert an image into an html file.
I have found one, it is called Lyx
I couldn’t find a tool to convert html into image, but I found this
This guy made an image from html file, which is actually an image.


Assuming you have GIMP installed and a GIMP script plugin for Kupfer:
Script > Create > Image > Concatenate > Stack > Stack…

Note that “Stack” will create a new image in your clipboard and you can use a different name.
This is one of the more powerful GIMP scripts I’ve used.

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1. Stop all background tasks
2. Start moving files
3. Switch between list, details and preferences windows
4. Switch between the window with all the user interface elements and the tabbed window
5. Context menus
6. Status area
7. Auto-start in system tray
8. Showing files with special characters
9. Change the color of the status area
10. Windows list, details and preferences windows
11. Files moving properties
12. Choose a method to process files when a file already exists
13. Files’ size filtering and how to compare
14. Advanced methods
15. Choose the location to which the file should be moved
16. Move Out is very efficient in relation to the CPU and system memory
17. Choose whether you want to move files into a special folder or simply to a new location
18. Choose whether you want to move the files when they are accessed
19. Files’ name extension filtering
20. Edit a rule
21. Delete a rule
22. Reorder files
23. Filter files by name, size, date, type, extension
24. Compare two files
25. Hide a file from the window
26. Remove the files from the window
27. Move out stats
28. Move out is a very fast program
29. View the Move Out version
30. If you click a file that is being moved, it’s status is displayed in the status bar
31. Set the tool to auto-start in the system tray area
32. Set the status to be shown in the tray area when you click on the program icon in the system tray
33. Start Move Out automatically when Windows starts
34. Save files in the default location
35. You can click on the file and its properties are displayed in the details window
36. You can right-click on the file to choose to process it with one of the advanced options
37. You can drag and drop a file into the list and it’s being moved into the list
38. You can drag a file from the details window to the list and it’s being moved
39. You can drag a file from the details window to another location and it’s being moved
40. You can drag a file from the list into the details window and it’s being moved into the list
41. You can drag a file from the list into the details window and it’s being moved into the details window
42. You can drag

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