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The perfect solution to all teams’ need for a todo list and shared drive
Ryver is an application that can lend a hand to cross-teams that need to continually be in touch, share files, links and ideas, while making sure to complete their assignment based on the set deadlines.
Take notes, save files and links or keep in touch with your team
The application comes with a dashboard-like interface that allows you to access and manage chats, assignments and keep track of everything relevant with ease. Similar to the principles applied to social networks, the tool permits you to upvote, downvote and set reminders to the chats along with the standard edit, delete and reply.
The highlight of the application stems from the fact that it organizes discussions you have with a group or a particular user. Given, the number of back-and-forth questions and answers that can come up during a virtual meeting, you no longer need to waste your time finding a particular topic that is relevant to the task at hand.
Assign, manage and keep track of the tasks for you and your team
Without trying to diminish the importance of real-time communication between cross-teams, being able to assign and track tasks is equally important. Therefore, not only can you discuss how to tackle a particular project, but you can also add step-by-step tasks for your colleagues to complete while you are chatting with them.
In addition to the manager who can assign and keep track of the tasks, you have the possibility to add your own duties. Then again, thanks to the multiple filters, the application enables you to to get an overview of all assignments as well as individual tasks that you appointed to various colleagues. Moreover, if you happen to notice a problem, you can always read the chat again or post a comment that can aid a coworker to avoid getting stuck.
A straightforward tool for teams of all sizes and interests
All in all, Ryver is a comprehensive collaboration utility that efficiently combines instant messages that you can organize based on the topic and that enables you to assign, track and make sure all tasks get done on time.

Dynamic Flex Design Templates – Free download. – Freebie Zone

Dynamic Flex Design Templates is one of the popular and best design app which you can use for all your marketing and commercial application.

Free Flex Templates and Fonts – 123D Design

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Capture, edit, process, and save your HEIC images using our Windows based application. The HEIC file is an image format, which can save images and videos using the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. This particular file type stores an image format, which is smaller than any of the common image formats like jpg, png, jpg-crush, gif, psd, etc. With a standard size of only 50 KB to 500 KB, the HEIC format is very compact and has more storage compared to other formats. Therefore, this is why it is very popular among mobile users. It is also a very commonly used format among the Apple iPhone 6s Plus. You can capture your images or videos using the iPhone 6s Plus. With a resolution of 3264×2448, you can edit your images or videos using the HEIC format.
Key features include:
* Convert photos and videos to HEIC format
* Edit HEIC images
* Adjust quality and color of the images
* Capture photos or videos using the iPhone 6s Plus
* Save photos and videos as HEIC images or documents to iPhone 6s Plus
* Easy and intuitive user interface
* Easy to convert images and videos to iPhone 6s Plus HEIC format

We enjoy using the Samsung Focus Gallery application, as it comes with a bundle of neat features, and delivers good user experience. However, sometimes, an issue can arise that can negatively affect the application’s overall performance, especially if you have a lot of files to process. Therefore, this is why we were very happy to see a well-designed tool like File Profiler that has been designed for an efficient processing of those files, and it does not compromise the ease of use and user experience. By running in the background, File Profiler ensures that the application will continue to function regardless of the workload you have at hand.
Compatible with both macOS and Windows platforms
File Profiler is optimized for both macOS and Windows, with iOS and Android versions available for download, as well. Furthermore, it can operate in either 32-bit or 64-bit mode, and is guaranteed to be compatible with all operating systems that run on those platforms.
Simple and intuitive app
Like we’ve already mentioned, File Profiler is designed for an efficient processing of large sets of files, and it has a sleek, streamlined look and feel. Furthermore, there are no unnecessary frills or garbage items that can distract the users from the most important aspects of

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