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Guides you through the process of translating your Qt applications.

Including a phrase book, support for popular programming languages, file processing, export functions and much more.

Allows you to create and edit translation files with ease.

Easily edit existing translation files.

Highlights all relevant information in the original and translated files.

Allows you to include copyright and license information in the translation files.

Allows you to check the quality of your translations.

Tracks changes and automatically adds line number information to translation files.

Translates your Qt programs into various languages with ease.

Qt Linguist Review

Qt Linguist Pros

Qt Linguist Cons

No cloud-based options

Needs to be updated from time to time

Needs some learning curve for anyone who is not used to the app.

Qt Linguist

Overall rating: 4.2

95 users have rated this app.

Price: $10.99

Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux

Developer: Djormesoft

Language: English

Qt Linguist is a software program whose sole purpose is to aid people in easily translating Qt-based applications, while also saving all the information in multiple formats.
Straightforward GUI

The installation process is pretty typical, while the interface encloses a well-organized and clean layout. It consists of a menu bar, several buttons and a few panes which enable you to view different levels of information.

Moreover, the included Help contents make sure that all types of users, including those less experienced, can easily find their way around it with ease.

File types you can use and display stats

With this utility, it is possible to upload files in formats such as QPH, TS, PO and XLF, as well as save them using the aforementioned extensions. You can release them as QMs, while printing items is also possible with just a click of the button.

The main window enables you to view the source text next to its translation, so that you can process the text in a more efficient fashion. In addition to that, it is possible to add comments and bring up statistics regarding the words and characters in the original file and the ones you have translated.

Managing translations and adjusting related configurations

It is possible to undo or redo your actions, 84e02134c1

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– Improved memory usage by supporting subtitles in sub-segments of a main segment
– Support for specifying maximum width for mux and demux
– Support for displaying label in the option box
– Support for play as playlist
– Added support for DSS and MSS streams in main segment
– mux/demux mode toggle between play and play in playlist
– New option for loop video in playlist (playlist only)
– mux/demux mode is toggle between default and playlist
– System message whenever audio/video player/demuxer is paused/resumed
– Event logging when video/audio is paused
– Event logging when video/audio is terminated
– Added Matroska Filter Plugin
– Added Chunk Summarization Plug-in
– Added CDDB Plug-in
– File indexer updates when you add/remove files
– Added freeform volume and mute options to Playlist window
– Improved playlist sorting
– Improved MP3/OGG streaming
– Improved metadata support for MP3/OGG
– Improved support for Event Logging
– Improved ability to remove items from playlists
– Improves build script

KEYMACRO Description:
– Improves MP3/OGG streaming
– Improve display of the playlist when using external program to handle it
– Fixed the streaming not displaying when the stream was played before
– Fixed the existing streaming not being replaced by the new one
– Fixed the “Failed to create output device” for iOS

KEYMACRO Description:
– Added subtitle track to the video player window
– Added an option for video loop
– Add function for chunk repetition and removal

KEYMACRO Description:
– Added support for native H.264 encoding
– Added support for HEVC encoding
– Fixed H.264 MP4 demuxer
– H.264 movie can be multiplexed by muxer
– H.264/AVC decoder can be used as Muxer, Muxer/Demuxer
– Fixed ALAC and WAV demuxer
– Added a system message to notify the user when the stream is paused
– Added a system message to notify the user when the stream is terminated
– Added a system message to notify the user when the stream is resumed
– Added a system message to notify the user when the stream is paused
– Added a system message to notify the user when the stream is resumed
– Added

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