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KEYMACRO is a Windows-based utility that encrypts your personal files and folders, creating a hidden key file that you can share with your friends, family or even a third party.
From a strategic point of view, the program is very simple, the workflow is self-explanatory and intuitive. Users will have no problem using it, even without knowledge about computers.
Personal files and folders are easily encrypted and decrypted, creating a hidden file for every personal key (with a maximum limit of 20), just the way it should be.
You can share your personal key file with other people, share it on network, even send it by e-mail and retrieve it with other people.
The application can be used as a standalone application, without requiring additional software on the client computer. However, the main advantages of the product lie in its integration into other applications, using a plugin technology that allows for a seamless functioning.
For instance, you can use it to protect personal files and folders from theft or sabotage, preventing unauthorized access, use or even viewing of your information.
You can also use it to secure your data before you create a backup, using the main advantage of encrypting and decrypting the files, and then back up the data as usual. This is a good solution for working under strict security regulations, such as on a workplace with confidential information.
This product can be easily integrated into Windows Explorer and is very easy to use. The installation process is fairly straightforward and very easy to use.
KEYMACRO is a versatile, cost effective, intuitive and easy to use application that provides an effective solution for the protection of your personal files and folders from unauthorized access. It offers a useful tool for the users who require to restrict access to their data from other people.
The application is available as a standalone application, a plugin for Windows Explorer and also for an online backup service. It offers a versatile and efficient solution for security. However, some of the more advanced functionalities require an understanding of programming languages to implement them.
KEYMACRO offers multiple ways to protect your files and folders, without sacrificing functionality. Besides, it is an easy to use and understand application that can be easily and easily integrated into various software.
KeyMACRO is a simple and effective way to protect your personal files and folders from unauthorized access.
KeyMACRO Review:
Rdio is a very interesting application, capable of transforming Windows into a web streaming box 84e02134c1

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✓ Learn everything there is to know about your APK files, such as the app name, icon, version, etc.

✓ Rename files with a simple and efficient search pattern.

✓ Instantly convert non-ASCII characters to ASCII ones

✓ Move your files to folders using custom names for categories.

✓ Organize your APK files into folders, following the Play Store categories.

✓ See what is the latest version of the app and download it.

✓ Extract information from your APK files:

Name: The name of the APK file.

Icon: The icon of the app/game.

Version: The version of the app/game.

Size: The size of the APK file in bytes.

Check if the app/game is the latest version.

Show details about each APK file.

View Screenshots.

Browse information from the Play Store.

Append text to the file name.

Check if the APK file is up-to-date.

✓ Synchronize your APK files with your mobile device.

✓ Export your files in various formats.

✓ Add extensions.

✓ Backup and restore your files.


Latest version:

Send feedback to developers.

Translate APK File Manager to your language.

✓ Enjoy the full version of the application for free.

Helpful features:

✓ Available in 9 languages: EN, IT, DE, FR, ES, PL, RU, ZH and CN.

✓ Available for all devices with Android 4.3 or higher.

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