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KeyMacro is the ultimate tool for modifying video files. It is used to change the image of video (include animated and static picture), play video file at a specific time, and convert video to MP3, AVI, etc. You can adjust the length and width of any video clips, and merge the clips into one video file. It allows you to move the video image to any place in the video file.
It allows you to enhance the image effect. It can transform the video image in all imaginable ways, including moving the frame, sizing the image, adding the picture box, moving the picture box, etc. It can change the video image to the black and white, blue and red, etc. It allows you to modify the screen and format color of the video clip. You can choose the option to automatically exit the window when the clip is over. It can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. You can adjust the frame rate, add the sound to the video, etc. It allows you to add the text and picture into the video clips. It can add various effects to video, including still picture, keyboard command and several effect. You can change the position of the frame, and even reverse the video image. You can also play back the video with the sound.
What is new in official KeyMacro 4.0.1 software version? – Fix a bug for the new version of Windows 7 and 8;
What is expected in the future? Newly-made KeyMacro 5 be downloaded from homepage. You just need to scroll down to see the information.

Facebook Password Remover is a reliable tool designed to detect all the Facebook login credentials stored on your computer, then display them in its interface. Thus, you may easily find if a computer stores your Facebook password and remove it from the logs. It is useful in case you are using a shared computer.
Easily identify and return login credentials for Facebook
Sometimes, a browser can ask you if you wish it to remember your username and password, so next time you log in you do not have to enter them again. If you accept, the browser can store this information in local log files, and access them from that location at the next login. This action can be inconvenient if using a shared computer, since the mentioned records are public.
With Facebook Password Remover, you may easily discover if the browser saved your password and remove it from the logs if you wish. The software can detect all the entries in the 84e02134c1

Divendo HTML Creator
Epubor eBook Converter
Nintex Analytics
Quack Player
Medieval Bluetooth Network Scanner
Password Generator
FontForge Portable
iBeesoft File Shredder
Filigree Screensaver
Underwater World 3D
YSFS Blender
XL ACalc
Timaeus Lite

WinAgents RouterTweak is a useful and specialized terminal shell making it easier to control the configuration of routers, switches and firewalls from the Cisco Systems company.
Knowing the principles of working with the command line interface of Cisco devices, you can use WinAgents RouterTweak to automate the most common tasks of network device administration. This approach saves your time by allowing you to hand over routine operations to the program.
KEYMACRO Description:

Fix Ftp service on your Cisco SIP trunk gateway installed on Cisco 6509-SIP.Ftp server and client work without network errors when set to SSL mode. That is one of the issues that can be fixed by using this service. This article is for Cisco 6509-SIP device.

Fix Cisco 6509-SIP.Ftp server not responding when connecting with Cisco 638-SIP device.
Ftp server is responsible for allowing FTP protocol and acting as a virtual proxy server between FTP protocol and client.
Ftp server listen to the following service port(s) on your Cisco SIP trunk gateway:

Restore SIP UAC on your Cisco 6509-SIP gateway when you need to restart the device after applying updates or following configuration changes. This article is for Cisco 6509-SIP device.
SIP UAC is responsible for authenticating the users on your Cisco 6509-SIP gateway to the external SIP network.
SIP UAC on your 6509-SIP gateway will ask the users for password, username and domain before allowing the users to receive and initiate phone calls on your 6509-SIP device.
After applying updates or following configuration changes, you may need to restart the device in order to activate the changes.

Disable PPP protocol for the SIP to SIP gateway on your 6509-SIP device. This article is for Cisco 6509-SIP device.
PPP is responsible for managing the compression of the data sent between the external SIP network and your 6509-SIP gateway.
PPP uses UDP port 1720 for data compression and UDP port 1721 for data decompression.

Fix SIP registration for the Cisco 6509-SIP device when you have a USOC inbound URI registration on the External SIP network. USOC is the service for redirecting calls to specific number on the external SIP network.

Connect to your Cisco 6509-SIP device remotelyррµрірѕс‡рєрё-р±срірсћс-сђрр/

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