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• Efficient and easy to use portable backup application.
• Simple wizards to guide you through the backup process.
• Automatic monitoring mode and fully compatible with all major portable media devices (MMC and Flash drives).
• Detailed info about the files being backed up, and folder selection.
• Password protection.
• Supports FAT and FAT32 drives.
• Full system restore option.
• Protection against overwrite of important files.
• Security measure for your safety.
• Portable and light-weight.
• Can be used on both Windows and Mac.
• FAST USB and SD backups.
• Explorer and custom application support.
• Change how automatic USB backups are triggered.
• Backup local drive only, USB drive only, or both.
• Support Portable media devices up to 64GB, some of them even bigger than that.
• Users can choose a save location.
• New and updated files are automatically backed up.
• Backup data with compression.
• Schedules back up to USB.
• Incremental backup.
• Can be run in safe and real-time monitoring mode.
• Support restoring files to the same directory.
• Supports multiple devices.
• Support volume and file sizes.
• Support copy and paste.
• Supports Windows explorer.

Scrutinize your files
In need of checking whether the files you are working on are still the same as the version you last worked on? Automatic USB Backup Portable can help you with this task.
In case your source folder and destination folder have changed, the software allows you to compare files between versions and report missing or modified files. For example, if you work with the sources in your root folder, you may also create a subfolder, select it and compare the files between the version you last created there and the most recent version.
Easy remote access
With the Backup Wizard, you may copy files directly from one backup device to another. You may also define a scheduled backup or backup to USB device. Users are presented with an optional list of archive formats to pick from. Automatic USB Backup Portable can store your files in almost all formats supported by the operating system.
Guaranteed data integrity
Automatic USB Backup Portable lets you backup files with different levels of security using a simple wizard. Set the minimum password length and the maximum one (4 or 8 characters), and the program can be instructed to replace or ignore specific characters.
You can also configure eea19f52d2

This extension adds new tabs to the ‘Basic Properties’ dialog box of a font.
New Tabs:
Code Pages
Font Style
TrueType/OpenType Information
Other Information
Subscription information
Font Properties
Important Font Settings
CID Layout
Typeface Analysis
More than 100 Font Tests
Enumerate v2
Enumerate v3
Enumerate v4
Other Tabs
These new tabs are just part of the extension.

hinting: A set of controls that allow a font designer to vary the width of individual strokes and the location of horizontal thinning (make the width of the characters thinner). The final position of the stroke should be independent of the hinting controls. Hinting is applied to any set of characters for which the designer wants to improve the readability and impact of the letterforms.

TrueType/OpenType is a specification for specifying and storing information about a font, and is widely used by desktop publishing applications. Using this information, the system can render the font more accurately.

Enumerate v3
Enumerate v4
These tabs will display all the details of the font as defined in the standard for TrueType/OpenType fonts.
More than 100 Font Tests
This extension supports a large number of font tests that are used by font editors to identify and analyze fonts.

The uninstall option removes the installed fonts (identified by GUID) for the current user.
Enumerate v3
Enumerate v4
This extension lists all the fonts installed by Windows and the fonts installed by Adobe Acrobat.

Font Extensions Enumerate

No fonts installed
Font Extensions Enumerate

The Font Extensions Enumerate extension lists all installed fonts which have extensions installed. If an installed font has no extensions, this list will not be shown.


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