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KeyMACRO is a Windows OS utility developed by KEYMACRO for setting the keyboard light option on your laptop computer. This application is compatible with all Toshiba models with an “Activate Keyboard Light” option. With this application, you can set the brightness of the keyboard light on your Toshiba laptop to four different settings:
KeyMACRO can also adjust the keyboard backlight’s color temperature.
KeyMACRO’s main features are:
• Works on all Toshiba models:
• Adjusts the brightness of the keyboard backlight.
• Adjusts the color temperature of the keyboard backlight.
• Saves the brightness and color temperature setting in the “My Toshiba” folder.
• Reads the settings and saves them each time the program is closed.
• Enables you to view the saved settings.
• Customizable user interface.
• Works with all languages supported by Windows OS.
How to Get the Best Battery Life from Your Laptop
If your laptop doesn’t have a powerful processor, which is typical of those made in the last year or so, it will have trouble running at peak performance during all but the most light tasks.
If you’re working from home or the office on a laptop and not playing games or watching movies, you could improve your battery life with the following tips.
Don’t try to use your laptop on an airplane. During takeoff and landing, the weight of the plane, the angle of the lights, and the altitude at which the plane flies mean that your battery is draining at a very rapid rate.
If you’re going on an overnight trip, you should disable wireless networks, Bluetooth, and all other features that use battery power.
If you have multiple devices connected to your laptop and all of them are used for data intensive tasks, shut them down when you leave your room or office.
Set your laptop to go to sleep when you close the lid, but when you open it, set the screen to dim instead of turning off.
Only use your laptop for tasks that don’t require a lot of processor power.
Your battery life can be optimized by doing as much as you can without draining the battery.
This means having many programs open in the background, but also reading email and using the internet for personal and professional tasks.
It also means working from home or the office in the quiet environment of a room or house.
Improving Battery Life with the right laptop power settings d82f892c90

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Keymacro is a useful macro and tool to quickly create shortcuts to your system files.
Keymacro is an easy way to create shortcuts to any file on your computer without being in the folder where the file is located.
You can define a shortcut to any file, folder or drive, if you choose to create a shortcut to a specific file or folder, it will be created directly on your Desktop, but if you choose to create a shortcut to a drive, it will be created in the same drive where the original file is located.
Keymacro can also work with a specific folder or drive that you can specify.
If you have a huge number of files on your computer you can copy and paste the shortcut to this folder and Keymacro will create the shortcuts in that folder without asking for you to type the path to the folder.
If you have a lot of files in the same folder, but you don’t want to create shortcuts of these files, you can select a particular file and keymacro will create shortcuts only for this file and the original file will remain on your desktop.
You can also create the shortcut to a single file and after, if you want, you can create the shortcut to another file in the same directory, if you want to create the shortcut to the same file but in a different directory, just select it and keymacro will do the job.
It is possible to create shortcuts to directories, drives and network locations.
It is also possible to create shortcuts to FTP locations (FTP File Locations), FTP locations are very important when you work on a network or with a network drive.
Keymacro can create shortcuts to FTP locations with the following format: ftp://[user]:[pass]@[ftpserver]/[ftpshare] (For example ftp://user:p4ssw0rd@ftpserver/ftpshare)
KEYMACRO Features:
– Create shortcuts to any file on your computer
– Create shortcuts to folders and to drives
– Create shortcuts to FTP File Locations
– Create shortcuts to FTP locations with the format: ftp://user:pass@ftpserver/ftpshare
– Create shortcuts to any directory on your computer
– Create shortcuts to network locations (http, ftp, etc.)
– You can also create shortcuts to FTP locations with the format: ftp://user:pass@ftpserver/ftpshare
– You can create shortcuts to Networkррµсђр-yqxcmlmwxak-imgsrc-ru/

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