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OziExplorer is an advanced GPS mapping software that allows for the creation of routes and waypoints in order to plan trips across the world. It can work with digital maps and a wide array of GPS receivers in order to track your position in real time.
Making route planning easier
OziExplorer is an innovation in its software field, simplifying the concept of trips by permitting to plan them ahead in a manner that will allow you to reach your destination in an organized manner, faster than using the classical map approach.
In order to achieve all of this, OziExplorer relies on a very rich collection of functions which may seem overwhelming at first, but once you start exploring them, piece by piece, you will find their proper meaning.
Requires some getting used to
Because it achieves a complex purpose, OziExplorer relies on a rather complicated architecture, which is sure to challenge users every step of the way, until it becomes a habit to work with the program.
In order to plan your trip in an organized manner, OziExplorer puts at your disposal various utilities that will simplify your job. It can make use of digital maps (purchased or scanned) in order to create routes and waypoints, but it can also use GPS receivers in order to download and even upload such information.
Track your position in real time
This operation is available only for a short list of GPS models (Magellan, Garmin, Eagle, Lowrance, Brunton/Silva and MLR), but on the bright side, if you own a different type of GPS receiver, you can use it to track your position in real time (in the form of a moving map).
OziExplorer will accompany you throughout the trip, offering you instructions and displaying various parameters such as next waypoint, course, speed, distance, ETA and other such information.
In addition, you can also place comments, symbols and pictures on the maps, as well as to print waypoint lists.
To end with
Considering all of the above, OziExplorer is worth having in your traveling bag. It is innovative, well-built and smart enough to guide you throughout the whole trip. Even if it takes a little getting used to, available features give you the possibility to determine your position and always stay on track.
OziExplorer Instructions:

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EasyBuyout is a utility for Path of Exile players that allows you to get an accurate market price for each item in the game. It can be used on any item including uniques, gems, maps, divination cards, maps, currency, prophecies, essences, magic and rare items.

Amazing console-powered PC remotes
01 Nov 2014 11:30:06 +0000
Did you know that there is an easy way to connect your console-powered PC remotes to your PC? This will allow you to control your PC from a distance without the need of a laptop. You can also use your phone or tablet instead of a tablet to control it and have a better experience.
The first step will be to purchase a controller for your console and the best time to do so is right before the release of the game. Luckily, there are a number of games for the Xbox One and PS4 that have a level-based update system that allows you to try out the gameplay on a new platform.
So, let’s start by setting up the PC. For this guide we will be using the Xbox One controller, so start by connecting it to your computer. Once done, open Steam and navigate to Games, then Settings, and click on the Game Controllers tab. Here you will find all the connected controllers and you can check their information.
Now, go to the PC tab, and click on the up arrow next to it to enter its controller settings. Here you can map buttons, change options, enable and disable the profile, and configure the profile at a more detailed level.
This is where the cool part comes in. Now that you have the controller, it is time to set it up with the PC. Connect your controller to

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