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What is “chunking” a file?
Chunking is the act of dividing a large file into many smaller pieces, which makes it easier to handle. For example, instead of dividing a large text file into many parts, you can divide it into 4,000,000 parts. This is a common way of making a file smaller for emailing or other electronic documents.

How do you upload a web page to a site?
It’s a common problem that people do, and it will never work for you, but to upload a web page you need to do it this way:
1. Log in to your FTP server.
2. Click on the web site folder that you want to upload the page to.
3. Find the file, usually the file is called something like filename.html. The file should be in the same folder as the HTML file you want to upload.
4. Right click on the HTML file and click ‘Properties’.
5. On the tab which has something like ‘Permissions’ or ‘Advanced’ or ‘Attributes’ or ‘Options’ or something similar, click the button which says ‘Browse…’.
6. A window will open, in there you need to enter the web address of the folder that the file is in. (Example:
7. Click the folder that you want the file to be in.
8. Right click the HTML file and click ‘Upload’.

How do you keep a client file when you send an email?
It’s a common problem that people do, and it will never work for you, but to keep a client file you need to do it this way:
1. Log in to your FTP server.
2. Click on the file folder that has the client’s file.
3. Drag the file into the folder that has the attachment.
4. Right click the file and click ‘Properties’.
5. On the tab which has eea19f52d2

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‘s centre for energy research says rising electricity rates are forcing energy and mining companies to look at other methods of extraction, despite the prime minister’s promise last month that the oil sands will continue to dominate.

In a study released Tuesday, the Frontier Centre for Public Policy says electricity prices are already the highest in North America, putting a drag on the economy and making energy efficient growth increasingly important.

Last month, Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised to increase oil production to three million barrels a day by 2030, but also promised that the oil sands would continue to make up the majority of that production.

The centre says that while Harper has made no mention of an oil production growth target for the oil sands, the government should set it because the industry

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