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Transcribe the sound of your new keyboard. It’s easy to use. Just click on the desired sound and it will be played. It’s perfect for making presentations, rehearsing songs and more. It’s highly sensitive and it works with any keyboard (even a computer keyboard). It will improve your typing speed and accuracy. The length of the notes can be changed.

However, in most cases the software should be the final solution. Users can work with KONTROL hotkeys to execute commands on custom hotkeys on the user profile. There is no need for the user to be constantly looking at the software. For this reason, the hotkeys are also saved with a profile in your personal folder. It can be viewed as a most important part of the software.

KEYMACRO Description:

Kontrol Instant is an application that can be used to control any multimedia application on the PC. It can be used to play, stop, pause, set volume, mute, next/previous song, seek song forward/back, bring song to the front, change language, and more. It can be used with any software that uses multimedia such as multimedia players, video players, games, etc.

The program runs on your desktop in a separate process without interfering with your system performance. Because it uses the Multimedia namespace (0x002D), the program should not affect any other programs that use the Multimedia namespace (0x002D). If you are not sure whether a certain application uses the Multimedia namespace, you can simply run the program and see whether it crashes or not. If it does not crash, you can safely use the program without any worries. If it crashes, please run the program again, but remember to use the Free version.

KEYMACRO Description:

A long time ago, we saw this program in the Cnet Download Directory and we knew we had to review it. Now it’s here for your perusal and we think you should take the time to look at this creative puzzle game.

The base concept is as easy as it gets. There is a box of different colors and there are game pieces. You have to drag the pieces to the base in order to create the right colors in the base. But don’t think that is all there is to this game. There are several levels of difficulty and you get points and stars depending on how you complete the level. We were able to beat the 5th level in 3 minutes d82f892c90

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MKV2X is a simple yet highly efficient application that is well capable of converting your multimedia files into another format. The tool was designed with a two-fold approach in mind: to provide easy customization options, and to speed up the process as much as possible.
MKV2X Features:
MKV and other formats

MKV2X is a software solution that is made to deal with a particular video format, namely MKV and provide a simple means of re-encoding them.
Clean and simple interface for fast conversions
Juts by looking at this program it is clear that it was built to be easy to use even by beginners and the nice layout which hosts all the features in a well organized manner proves this point.
The areas allocated to the file list, device or format selection as well as settings customization are neatly separated and every command is easily reachable, so with one or two clicks the user can get to the desired module.
Perform detailed customizations for the numerous built-in profiles
When it comes to the selection of an output format, MKV2X offers a lot of choices and the supported types are structured in several categories, namely devices, video, audio, Apple and Android.
For each of the profiles available inside these groups it is possible to modify the video and audio settings in detail. Thus, the selection of the appropriate codec or bit rate is accompanied by other options, which include video resolution, frame rate, number of audio channels and sound sample rate.
The actual conversion takes place pretty fast as compared to similar applications and this is one of the advantages MKV2X has in store for its users.
An easy to use and versatile MKV converter
All things considered, it’s safe to say that this program manages to put up a decent performance and it provides enough customizations to satisfy the needs of more demanding users. The quick batch processing capabilities may earn it a lot of fans and a place among the top choices in its category.

MKV2X Description:
MKV2X is a simple yet highly efficient application that is well capable of converting your multimedia files into another format. The tool was designed with a two-fold approach in