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KEYMACRO is a handy application, designed to make keyboard macros easier and faster.
Keyboard macros, also called keystrokes, are ways of automatically performing an action by using a single keyboard shortcut.
For example, you can use the keyboard combination Ctrl+X to launch a web browser and open a specified website. By using Keymacro you can create such shortcuts to perform repetitive, almost trivial tasks like launching a program, changing a setting, opening an email, inserting a number or changing a color.
As a result, Keymacro reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks, and helps to focus on more important things.
Keymacro adds a new screen to the Start Menu, which displays the list of macros you created. You can easily save them in the start menu by simply double-clicking.
Keymacro allows you to save one or more macros in a single file, which can be automatically created with the help of the provided AutoMacro.
Main features:
– In-depth keyboard customization, including support for numerous international layouts.
– Macro creation. The program lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts to easily perform repetitive tasks.
– Macro editing. You can edit and modify existing macros, or create new ones.
– Macro grouping. You can create a set of macros to be displayed all together.
– Start Menu integration. The shortcuts you create can be saved to the Start Menu.
– The program has an easy to use interface. It provides a friendly screen with a simple and user-friendly design.
– One-stop solution for various aspects of keyboard customization, such as keyboard short cuts, shortcuts and command lines.
– Accessibility-oriented interface. The entire interface is designed to meet the needs of all types of people, including those who are visually impaired.
– Many skins. The program can be easily customized to match the theme and color of the operating system.
– Exporting macros.
– Integrated support for the major keyboard layouts.
– New and innovative methods of defining macros.
– Create keyboard shortcuts and add them to the Start Menu.
– Easily create keyboard shortcuts to launch favorite applications.
– Attach macros to the System Tray.
– A feature to launch browser-based applications.
– A feature to automatically create a file for a particular application.
– A feature to launch an application without a program file.
– A feature to add the shortcuts you create to the main menu.
– You can set the 384a16bd22

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Online Checker is a lightweight system and networking tool created to display whether NAS HDDs, IP cameras, routers and other devices are online or offline. It does this automatically every 17 minutes and generates a log file that records any event. The file is saved in TXT format and you can copy its content to any other application. As far as the interface goes, Online Checker is a straightforward application that leaves no room for interpretation about how it functions. It’s actually quite rudimentary but it doesn’t need flashy buttons or a complex design to get the job done. It allows you to enter the IP addresses of the cams and devices you want to monitor and stores them. In case you want to monitor a particular set of items, all you have to do is check their corresponding boxes. Online Checker’s most practical function is that it can monitor the status of services that run on your computer or a server. Just like with the cameras and devices, you can set a target service and have the application keep track of it’s online-offline cycles. The application also enables you to run a certain application in case one of the selected devices, cams or services goes down. This proves to be a very useful feature for server administrators who can benefit from running a third-party application capable of sending notifications. All-in-all, Online Checker might not be a looker but neither is it unappealing. It’s an easy to use device and service monitoring tool that provides a set of practical functions.

Covert RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is a small software application that enables you to take full control of a computer from anywhere in the world. It has advanced features and it uses the Internet to communicate with the target system.
The main function of Covert RAT is that it can turn your computer into a powerful covert surveillance system. You can install the tool on your target computer and then keep watching over it from the comfort of your web browser.
All you have to do is select the device you want to monitor and the app will take care of the rest. It will scan the targeted computer for installed programs, gather the data you enter and upload it to its database. With this information, you will gain access to all of the target’s activity including what he or she types in an online account, chats with other people or uses social media.
All the gathered data is saved in the database that Covert RAT creates. You can accessрєрссџ-i-24-imgsrc-ru/

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