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You can adjust the color and the luminosity values of an image using a curve editor that will allow you to change the values of the RGB, HSV, CMYK and alpha channels.
Feature List:
1) Generate a customizable curve editor
2) Adjust the luminosity
3) Adjust the RGB values
4) Adjust the HSV and CMYK values
5) Adjust the alpha channel values
6) Quickly scroll through all values with the vertical scroll bar
7) Zoom in/out with the horizontal scroll bar
8) Save and reload the curve by clicking the Curves button
9) Export the curve and other settings
10) Quickly change to another curve using the curve editor
11) Adjust the curve using a slider
12) Quickly move the curve points using the arrows
13) Export the curve and other settings

This is a good Paint.NET tutorial on using Curves +
Paint.NET Curves Settings


There’s also Curves, which is free, and works on any colour:

For PC, or Mac, it works in Photoshop, Gimp, and many other image editing programs.


How to solve a programming puzzle?

This puzzle is designed to solve with brute force, without using brute force. For example, if you know that $\exists (x,y)\in\mathbb{R}$ and $f(x,y)=5xy+10x-3y+25x+7y+18$ then you can use brute force to compute $f(x,y)$ and compare $f(x,y)$ with $5xy+10x-3y+25x+7y+18$ to find the best solution. However, if the problem is stated such that $x,y\in\mathbb{Z}$ and there is an ordering $x ce698b3d9e

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Supervisor is a tool for creating, managing, and maintaining the site’s accounts in the logistics system.
The system administrator can create, and manage accounts in the Site Supervisor. The site supervisor can also add customers, users, and products to the Site Supervisor, as well as modify the product details and the category of the products.
Default Supervisors:
The system administrator may change the default names of the supervisor users on the site. The system administrator can also create a group of users, and the group of users can be used to manage multiple sites.
The default password is “SUPER”. It can be changed by the system administrator in the users settings.
Additional Supervisors:
The system administrator can manage the site users by creating users, assigning users to groups, and modifying the user’s password.
To modify a user’s username and password, select the user in the Supervisor list and choose the Edit tab.
To create a group of users, select the Add Group button.
There are 2 options for modifying a user’s password, either by setting a new password for the user, or by changing the password to a random string.
The system administrator can assign a priority to each user on the site. This will determine the order in which the users will appear on the Supervisor list. The priority of a user is saved in the database.
The system administrator can add, delete, and modify users.
Adding users:
To add users, select the Add User button.
The system administrator can create multiple users at once, and can choose to specify user information and access level when creating users.
The system administrator can assign groups to the users, and the users are assigned to groups by default. The system administrator can remove users from the assigned groups.
Assigning groups:
To add a group to a user, select the Add Group button.
To add a user to a group, select the Users button and select the Add button.
Assign Groups:
To add a user to a group, select the Users button and select the Add button.
There are 2 options for assigning a user to a group:

Select the user in the Supervisor list, and choose the assign option from the drop down list.
Select the group in the list, and choose the assign option.
The system administrator can set and modify the rights of the users and groups. For example, the users can create

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