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– Automatically gathers keywords from popular search engines and many different sources around the web
– Provides clear metrics on keyword quality
– Keeps logs so you can check historical data
– Scrapes dozens of keywords at once and unifies them into an easy-to-read table
– Provides useful tools that will help you organize and analyze data
– Built-in proxy that works great for web scraping
– A rich user interface
– A proxy that is actually easy to use and fully functional
– Light weight, you can run it on any machine
– Easy installation and simple to use
– Free

More choices, more exposure, more money!
With our free traffic exchange tool, you can earn and maintain a good ranking on the first page of Google for your targeted keywords. It’s guaranteed!
We’ve designed this software from the ground up to be the easiest and the best traffic exchange tool on the market. It was built by the people who know what a traffic exchange website should look like.
What we offer:
* Free, 100% free traffic exchange, – zero cost and zero risk
* A user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use interface
* Extensive functionality and features to maximise your traffic and conversion
* No matter how you look at it, traffic exchange is the BEST way to get free traffic on the web.
* We have been generating traffic from our traffic exchange website for over two years now and still receive daily emails from people asking how they can get traffic from us.
* No more stress – we promise you’ll find it fun, easy and effective to get traffic using our traffic exchange website.
Traffic exchange that gets results!
The official site is – Try it now!

Professional Screenshot for Android Free is a tool that gives users the ability to capture and share screenshots on Android devices.
✔Guaranteed high-quality screenshots.
✔No ads or in-app purchases.
✔Light-weight app.
✔Support for all devices: tablets, phones, and other Android devices.
✔Helpful functions such as Panorama and Sweep.
✔User-friendly interface.
✔Share directly from the app by email, twitter, or facebook.
✔Save images to the gallery or on the local SD card.
✔Save images to the cloud storage.
✔Share images in various eea19f52d2

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