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Duplicate IP Scanner is a free software program that has been developed to help you find duplicate IP addresses. The latter is a major security concern to many companies and households. In a nutshell, such addresses are shared between different systems on a local network and other systems are unable to access them. Furthermore, the IP is not even set to be static, which means that you might never know the actual IP that is assigned to a particular device.
Although Duplicate IP Scanner is designed to scan IP addresses, it can also be used to locate the MAC address of a device. For this purpose, you need to turn on the Enable Desktop Sharing option and then run the software. The program will look for duplicates among all your listed devices, which means that you can easily delete them by selecting them and then clicking the Remove button.
In case you need to reset the cache, you need to use the following command: netsh interface ip delete arpcache.
Duplicate IP Scanner Reviews:
Currently, the program has no reviews on the web and you might wonder how trustworthy the software is. Furthermore, most users tend to install the software on multiple systems to scan them all and possibly delete the duplicate addresses. Although you can probably download other software to perform the same task, then it is better to do it with Duplicate IP Scanner. After all, it is very easy to use and you do not have to install extra programs. You just need to turn on the Enable Desktop Sharing option and run the software on your system.Detective TV programmes have been a part of American television since the early 1950s, when they were first broadcast on a local level. This site focuses on the more classic fare: procedural shows that follow a methodical investigation into a crime, a series of cases.

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* Windows 100% virus free
* Don’t show annoying Ads
* Block Adware and Viruses
* Works on all Windows versions
* Free and Open source
* Disable or remove Auto Startup
* Work with Mozilla Firefox
* Block AdMob, Adsense, DoubleClick, GoAds, Google, InMobi, MSN, NNN, PageCompete, Yahoo, YouTube, Zango and other WebAds
* Protect from Phishing, Malware and Spyware
* Works with Google Chrome

Auto Host is a simple-to-use application that blocks advertisements on all your browsesr to make sure you can comfortably surf the Internet without having to close or cancel irritating popup ads and banners.
It does so by modifying the Windows Hosts file, which contains information about your TCP/IP connections, including websites that are allowed or forbidden from loading on your PC.
Offers to run at system startup
During installation, the app offers to integrate itself into the Windows autostart sequence to automatically run every time you turn on your computer in order to block ads. However, you can disable this option..NET Framework must be installed because it was built with the aid of this software platform.
Modifies the Hosts file with known ad domains
Once launched, the application automatically modifies the Hosts file, adding domains known to be filled with advertisements. This is why it doesn’t matter which web browser you use to search the web, because changes made to the Hosts file will be reflected in all.
Add more websites to block access to
If you want to customize preferences by adding other domains you want to block Internet access to, click the + button in the main app window, type or paste the web address, then click Add and Save. You can add as many custom links as you want. If you want to view modifications, you can open the Windows Hosts file in a text editor.
Additionally, it’s possible change the loopback address to something different than localhost, test addresses, remove entries you’ve made to the custom dictionary, as well as disable ad blocking to restore the Hosts file to its original configuration.
Simple, yet unstable tool for blocking ad websites
All in all, Auto Host delivers a straightforward solution for blocking unwanted websites by tampering with the Windows Hosts file. Unfortunately, it displayed several error dialogs in our tests when we attempted to make changes. We must also keep in mind that the app hasn’t received updates

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