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Soft191 Split Join is designed to quickly split a large data file into small pieces. The easiest way to split a file is using the specified size and save them into separate folders.
A few clicks and a piece of paper are all you need to get started. The program is extremely easy to use and has a simple interface.
Most of the time, data file is too large for your hard drives and SD cards. A solution is to split it. Each file is saved into its own folder, thereby reducing the size of the data by more than two times.
Once you have specified the desired directory and split size, the Soft191 Split Join will begin to work. The resulting split files are saved by default to the specified location. If you want, you can also choose to save the files to the recycle bin.
You can open the saved split files and join them back together in the same folder. In this way, you can reorganize the saved data on your computer.
Soft191 Split Join has a good response time and quickly finishes the task without freezing, crashing or popping up errors. It is safe, extremely easy to use and is always ready to offer you some assistance.
No matter how good the programming skills you have, it is impossible to perform complex tasks without the help of an automated software. Thus, we decided to include Soft191 Split Join, a program which provides a simple interface for a task such as this one.
– Soft191 Split Join allows you to split any type of files into separate parts with a specific size.
– The program is not required to have administrator privileges on your PC.
– The Soft191 Split Join provides a smart and practical solution to create the required number of parts from your data files.
– You can quickly join the split pieces of the data file together.
– After splitting the file, you can open it in any of the supported programs, such as a video player, a text editor or a spreadsheet.
– The program creates.exe and.bat files for rejoining the split files.
– The program allows you to import a file for splitting via the file browser only.
– You can include the program’s toolbar in your taskbar.
– The Soft191 Split Join program comes with a well-written help file for novices.
– Soft191 Split Join is safe and free of viruses.
Main features:
– Soft191 Split Join is designed to split large data files into several pieces.
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Keymacro is a small utility that is designed to support programmers, code crackers, and reverse-engineers.
The program allows users to perform calculations that are required in order to crack or understand information that has been encrypted. The calculations can be performed with the help of macros or when you need to apply them to a single process.
When it comes to functionality, Keymacro can be considered as a batch processor. It is a powerful utility that lets you perform functions in a batch mode. With the aid of this tool, you can apply multiple transformations to data and, as a result, get your desired result.
Keymacro comes with a user-friendly graphical interface. This will help you carry out operations with less effort. Plus, the program sports a rich feature set that allows you to perform operations such as signing, unlocking, decrypting, cracking, analyzing, analyzing, and verifying information.
No installation required.
The program is free and it can be downloaded.
The application can be installed on multiple computers.
Users can work with multiple files.
Free trial version is available.
Keymacro is easy to use.
Keymacro’s interface is very simple.
The tool doesn’t include an add-in.
You need to manually open the AES ECB mode.
KEYMAK Description:
This is a program that has been designed to help programmers and code crackers.
With the assistance of this utility, you can manage binary files, which means that you can edit and create files in a format that is not commonly used.
You can also apply macros to text files, encrypt and decrypt data, as well as protect data by setting passwords.
Keymacro will help you perform operations that are very useful for the field of cryptography, but they are also very complicated. That is why the tool comes with a set of powerful functions that will make your life a lot easier.
The program comes with a graphical interface that offers you an easy-to-use interface. This will help you to carry out operations with minimum effort.
Keymacro comes with powerful features. It helps you perform operations such as decrypting, encrypting, cracking, analyzing, analyzing, verifying, and signing.
All things considered, Keymacro is a useful application for people who need to work with binary files and they want to create and edit them.
GPG PGP Description:
PGP is a cryptographic program that enables you to encrypt and sign

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