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Folders Icons is a new icon collection with beautiful icons in clear PNG format. These icons will help you to manage your folders, documents, music, apps, and other files quickly.
Folders Icons Description:

FoldersIcons is a cool icon pack that will help you to organize your files. All folders have their own icon.
These icons will help you to manage your folders, documents, music, apps, and other files quickly.
The icons in this folder are in PNG format. The folder contains 16 files. Each icon is 512×512 pixels. The icons are light in color.
FoldersIcons Description:

Folders Icon is a collection of a lot of cool icons in PNG format. It contains a folder icon, the desktop, taskbar, and other popular icons.
Folders Icon is a great icon for all your desktop needs. You can use these icons to organize your documents, music, photos, videos, and other files.
The size of the icons is 512×512 pixels.
There is a total of 20 icons in this icon pack.
Folders Icon Description:

BatchFile Icons is a small but high quality icon pack with a beautiful set of icons for the Windows 10 desktop. This is not your average icon set.
The icons in this set have many different icons, and a beautiful simplicity about them. The icons fit well with all of the modern designs.
The icons are available in 256×256 and 512×512 sizes.
Folders Icons Description:

Desktop Icon is a nice collection of desktop icons for Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac. Each icon is 512×512 pixels and available in different colors.
Included with this icon pack are icons for the Windows 10 desktop. This icon pack has many different folders, files, images, and documents available.
What makes this icon pack so great is the fact that the icons are very light and clean. They really make the desktop look good.
This icon pack contains 60 icons. eea19f52d2

SecureFX is a robust cross-platform file transfer client that promises to secure your data in transit and to streamline file synchronization.
Feature Overview:
– Tab-based GUI for easy file management and transfer
– Smart cards are supported, meaning two-factor authentication is supported
– Advanced file transfer options
– Support for secure protocols: SFTP, FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SCP,
– Multiplatform (support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux)
– Built-in password manager
– IP filtering
– Define a configuration passphrase to secure sensitive data stored in SecureFX
– Smart card support for AD/TAC (Active Directory, with TACACS+)
– Outgoing connections may be fully secured with IP-based network access control (for more information, see the section “Network Security”)
– Supports authentication and authorization for SSL connections
– Automatically recovers from connection failures
– Multi-threaded: transfers can be initiated and resumed even if the connection was lost
– Supports drag and drop
– Enhanced encryption support: AES-256 and SHA-256
– Supports compression
– Supports resume
– Supports multiple connections (multiple sessions)
– File searching
– Supports bookmarking
– Task scheduler
– Built-in password manager: support for multiple different logins
– Support for open files (Dos, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows)
– Automatic session resuming
– Session management: automatic login, auto-logout and auto-shutdown
– Built-in session save and recovery: Restore a previously created session
– Supports Windows Vista/7/8 and Mac OS X 10.5
– Options and settings are presented in a menu bar
– Allows manual settings to be saved (“Preferences”)
– Allows settings to be stored as “Default Settings”
– Allows custom configurations to be specified
– Allows new configurations to be saved (“Preferences”)
– Allows Auto-Login settings to be saved (“Preferences”)
– Allows user passwords to be saved (“Preferences”)
– Allows temporary passwords to be saved (“Preferences”)
– Allows cookies to be saved (“Preferences”)
– Allows Session Save and Session Recovery (“Preferences”)
– Allows Session Auto-Recovery (“Preferences”)
– Allows FTP

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