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Place an iTunes shortcut in the application taskbar.
Create shortcut keys for iTunes.
Skins can be added to the toolbars and global shortcuts.
Remote Control the playlist, artist, album, genre, etc…
Add remote skins to the user’s taskbar.
Status bar Icon.
When added to the taskbar, it will show the Artist, Album, Playlist name, and Track name.

Related Software

LITE iRemote for iTunesThe LITE version allows you to control iTunes from a Windows keyboard. The program adds an application icon to the taskbar, and comes with a default skin for that icon. There is no support for additional skins, though.

iRemote 2.6This powerful tool can control iTunes and most of its features. It uses the familiar GUI of iTunes for mouse operations, and adds additional features to make your iTunes experience more convenient and easier. iRemote 2.6 works on Windows 98, 2000, NT 4.0, and XP.

iRemote for Windows 98The iRemote software for Windows 98 works like any other application. There is an icon in the taskbar, and it allows you to use the arrow keys and mouse to control iTunes. iRemote for Windows 98 has two skins and five

iRemote for Windows 2000, NT, ME, and XPiRemote for Windows 2000, NT, ME, and XP is a powerful tool that allows you to control iTunes. It provides a taskbar icon and uses the familiar iTunes mouse controls. You can add a default skin to the taskbar icon, or create your own skins.

iRemote Basic v2.1iRemote Basic v2.1 is a small tool that allows you to use your keyboard to control iTunes. The basic version is free, and is limited in functionality. However, it does allow you to use the keyboard for the up/down controls.

iRemote Free 2.4iRemote Free is a small tool that allows you to control iTunes with your keyboard. It has a desktop icon, and you can use the mouse and arrows to control iTunes. iRemote Free is completely freeware, and is limited in functionality.

iRemote for iTunes v2.0iRemote for iTunes v2.0 is a small tool that allows you to control iTunes with your keyboard. It has a desktop icon, and you can use the mouse and arrows to control iTunes. iRemote for iTunes is freeware.

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The KEYMACRO keyboard macro recorder offers two great features: In the “PASTE” mode, the pressed keys are written into your computer’s registry, and automatically in the “Record” mode, the already recorded keystrokes are saved into a text file. So you can use the program as a recorder for you own custom keystrokes.
The “PASTE” mode is a standard feature of many software programs like word processors, web browsers, etc.
“PASTE” mode is supported by “KEYMACRO” and has a certain security risk. After exiting the “PASTE” mode (or closing the software with an exit command), the keys are stored in the registry. In this state, they are accessible by any user on the computer! As “KEYMACRO” does not have an owner password, any user can enter and delete keys in the registry. For this reason, we recommend to use this mode only with private and trusted keys. The “PASTE” mode cannot be started manually.
“Record” mode works as a “MEMORY PROGRAM”, which allows the user to save a history of frequently used keystrokes. To save the keystrokes into a text file, just start “Record”. The first line of the file will show the name of the current recording, followed by the last keystroke recorded.
The “Record” mode is supported by “KEYMACRO” and has no security risk.
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“Record” has some built-in limitations, which are explained in the help file:
– A maximum of 1,000 keys/keystrokes can be saved.
– The system will overwrite the file automatically with a new version every 3 days.
– The file is stored only on the computer where the macro recorder is running.
– The file is not searchable.
– The file size must be below 2 MB.
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