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• This package includes the fixed-pitch font in various sizes, OpenType/TrueType and TrueType CFF data, and sample source code to demonstrate how to use the font. The CFF data for the Raize Font is included in this package, but it is not currently working in all IDE’s.
• The idea behind this font was to create a very readable, yet professional screen font for use in programming environments and writing html.
• The font is designed to be easy on the eyes. It is a traditional drop-cap, lowercase sans serif font.
• The Raize Font includes a number of alternates for lowercase, uppercase and numerals, which are only available for the 10 and 12 point sizes.
• The 10 and 12 point Raize Font supports the full OpenType font features of kerning, ligatures, and alternate characters.
• The OpenType features are provided in both files, named “OTF_TheRaizeFont_1.otf” and “OTF_TheRaizeFont_2.otf”, where TheRaizeFont_1 is the main font and TheRaizeFont_2 is the alternate font. The first font file is the master. The second font file is the alternate, and it should only be used when the master font file is not available or does not work properly. For best performance, only use the master font file, the one that contains the main characters.
• A sample source code project to demonstrate how to use the Raize Font is included with this package.
• The license for the font, its source code, and the project files are included in the ZIP file.
– You can purchase this font from
– If you have any questions or would like to know more about this font, you can visit the Raize Font support forum.
If you have any questions or comments please email LiveFonts Support or visit the Raize Font support forum.


I came across this question when Googling for a similar font. Here is what I came up with. It’s designed with fixed-width and what I think looks a bit like fixed-pitch in mind (although I haven’t checked how well it reads at fixed 384a16bd22

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This project is a continuation of my Ethics Beyond High School project. It requires that you have ethical standards and practices in place before you participate.
These are the items which you must check before participating:
1.1. Do you have a sense of integrity and/or dignity?
1.2. Do you treat people with respect and courtesy?
1.3. Do you have honesty and fairness in your actions and dealings?
1.4. Do you have a conscience and the ability to make appropriate choices?
1.5. Do you keep your promises and commitments?
1.6. Do you behave responsibly and responsibly?
1.7. Do you treat yourself with respect and courtesy?
1.8. Do you respect the rights of others?
1.9. Do you look out for the safety of others?
1.10. Do you make your goals and plans for yourself and others?
1.11. Do you have a sense of justice and fair play?
1.12. Do you resolve conflict in a fair manner?
1.13. Do you take responsibility for your actions?
1.14. Do you understand how your actions and behaviour affect other people?
1.15. Do you acknowledge mistakes?
1.16. Do you communicate effectively in your social interactions?
1.17. Do you interact with people on equal terms?
1.18. Do you have good boundaries and self-awareness?
1.19. Do you work as hard as you can?
1.20. Do you have appropriate boundaries and self-awareness?
1.21. Do you understand the effect of your behaviour and actions on others?
1.22. Do you follow through on your commitments?
1.23. Do you refrain from unjust or dishonest behaviour?
1.24. Do you have appropriate boundaries and self-awareness?
1.25. Do you communicate effectively with your peers?
1.26. Do you understand the effect of your behaviour and actions on others?
1.27. Do you know what you want and why you want it?
1.28. Do you use your own strengths and resources?
1.29. Do you have appropriate boundaries and self-awareness?
1.30. Do you have integrity and respect for yourself and others?
1.31. Do you have clear goals for yourself and others?
1.32. Do you keep commitments to yourself and

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