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“Maximum Weight” is the new and completely free optical weight tester that works as an independent tool or an addition to a usual weighbridge. The software will calculate the “real” weight of a load based on an original weight and a set of samples. “Maximum Weight” is a true optical weight tester and doesn’t use any measuring weights or scales.

“Maximum Weight” converts an original weight to an “optical” weight that is then displayed on the screen of your computer. “Maximum Weight” requires no time-consuming calibration, because it is already pre-calibrated, so the optical tester is ready to use from the start.

“Maximum Weight” is not another weighing software that has a heavy approach to look complicated. “Maximum Weight” is a simple tool that’s going to make your job easier. In a few easy steps you can see how much the weight of your load has changed compared to the original weight.

“Maximum Weight” is an optical weight tester that can save you a lot of time and money and help you perform better measurements on your weighbridge. The software is not just going to calculate the “real” weight of a load. It’s going to change the weight of a load from an original weight to the optical weight. “Maximum Weight” uses a technology that is totally different from the usual electronic weighbridges.

The software doesn’t require any calibration, because it is already pre-calibrated. It has been tested in extreme conditions such as 70℃ and +100℃. “Maximum Weight” uses a special optical system that provides measurements up to 0.1% accuracy. “Maximum Weight” works for loads in excess of 1.5 tons.

The “Maximum Weight” software is free for both personal and commercial use and comes as an offline installer (exe file).

“Maximum Weight” supports a lot of weight devices like:

Weighbridges of any size and manufacturer

Weighing scales from up to 150kg

“Maxibytes” and “MaxiRack” weighing scales

“Maxisized” scales

“Maxilift” loaders

“MaxiGrab” loaders

“MaxiFusion” welders

“MaxiEasy” welder

“MaxiLift” loaders

“MaxiLift” welder

“MaxiPre” welders eea19f52d2

“CureSounds is a simple to use program, which is able to generate a wide variety of audio frequencies, for the selected period of time. The generated sound can be controlled in several ways: frequency, time, volume, pan and duration. The frequencies are listed under names of illnesses and are especially selected in order to stimulate a specific part of your body. Certain frequencies can decrease heart beat, blood pressure, can stimulate glands, can increase or decrease metabolism rate. This way, a particular frequency, combined with a specific volume, pan and duration, can constitute alternative treatment to a large series of illnesses.

“Manually controlling your sound therapy session”
“CureSounds features a list of health issues that can be reduced or removed by the means of sound therapy. Each illness is assigned a specific sound frequency, duration, volume and pan. You may manually adjust the attributes, except for the frequency, in some cases. Clicking on either of the entries in the list of health issues prompts a separate window that features sound adjustment controls and information. You may easily start, pause or stop the treatment session at any time you wish.”
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Diseases and Sound Therapy Free Download. It is an excellent tool for the treatment of various diseases. Here you can find and download the free Diseases & Sound Therapy Demo video from the official website. This tool is a perfect option for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Here you can download Disease and Sound Therapy. The program features a wide range of sound therapy options, sound waves and other sounds that can stimulate the body and the immune system. With this tool, you can download Diseases and Sound Therapy for the treatment of various diseases. All you need to do is to follow the instructions. The download can be done on all computer systems.

Category: Health & Fitness

Seven Sound Therapy programs, Audio Files: CureSounds. The audio files are created and encoded to work with CureSounds. An easy to use, intuitive program that can generate a wide variety of sounds, at different frequencies and pitches. These are perfect to use for the treatment of different illnesses. This audio file comes in three different sizes: 5.5 Mb, 6.6 Mb and 8.7 Mb.

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Sound Rescue Free Download. It is an excellent tool for the treatment of many diseases. The best part of this application is that it is free of cost. Sound Rescue is an intuitive program, designed to be an aid in

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