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PCDJ Red VRM is a powerful application that allows you to manage playlists and to mix songs. It is designed as a DJ tool that can be used at home or for parties. You only need the songs and a powerful speaker system to have a little fun.
The program enables you to create multiple playlists in order to organize your music collection and to easily find a certain song. You can organize the playlists into groups and set a group to monitor a folder from your local hard drive. This feature allows you to refresh a certain song list without closing the application or adding the new files individually.
In order to easily find a song the user can edit the ID3 tag of the MP3 files and change the name of the song or the artist directly from the application. Sometimes the files are moved from their previous location and the program cannot find them. Using the folder monitoring feature and the ability to delete the broken links you can make sure that your playlist are fully functional.
The music player has a two sided interface that allows you to play two songs at the same time and combine the sound. This enables you to apply different preferences for each song and to control the playback in real time.
To mix the songs you can adjust the volume and the tempo of each song by simply moving the sliders from the interface just like a DJ turntable. You can also use the equalizer and the song mixer to combine the songs. An extra feature is the automatic crossfade that enables you to switch between songs with one click.
The interface of the PCDJ Red VRM seems complicated but it is not that hard to use. However, beginners should invest some time in getting used to the functions of the program before starting to mix music for parties. The application does not have a help file so you need to learn the main features as you are using them.
If you are a music enthusiast and a creative person, PCDJ Red VRM can help you become a DJ and mix songs for your friends. The application is no longer supported but am improved alternative is available: PCDJ DEX 2.

Reviews of Free Music CD Burner + Album Burner


Sep 30,2015


A must have program to burn audio/music onto CDs/DVDs. The interface is simple to use and once you create a playlist, it will auto-organize/burn the files. This will help to create your own music CDs eea19f52d2

Wirelessly stream video to laptop or desktop.
With SmartCam you can connect your camera to your smartphone or tablet via WiFi and get yourself a wireless web camera.
SmartCam integrates into your Android phone and desktop PC, allowing you to stream video from your Android to your PC over WiFi or 3G, saving battery and data. Just snap a picture or record a video on your phone and it will automatically be saved to your device. SmartCam automatically saves captured videos to your device storage as MP4 files. So you can then take these videos anywhere on your computer via any Internet browser.
Key features
• Wirelessly stream video over WiFi or 3G.
• Save pictures & videos on your Android device.
• Select the video format from common formats: Cinepak, DivX, RealPlayer, Flash and Quicktime.
• Supports any Android tablet or smartphone.
• Supports over 50 devices, can be used with Wi-Fi or 3G
• Approximate time to save video is 5 seconds for 1mb resolution and 25 seconds for 4mb resolution
DownloadRotation effects on amplitude doubling of 1-D Doppler signals.
The effect of rotation of a tissue point in the direction of a Doppler scan beam on the amplitude-doubling technique of 1-D Doppler signals was studied. By rotating the target in a plane perpendicular to the probe beam, the depth-dependence of the Doppler spectrum will be changed. Spectral peaks from deep regions of the tissue will move to shallower locations, and spectral peaks from superficial layers will move to deeper locations. The scanning process is modeled as a projection of the signal vector at successive time points. As a result, the projection of the signal vector on the Doppler beam at time point t is rotated by the shear angle (tau) with the time axis. It is shown that the expected Doppler signal will be doubled at the boundary of tau = pi/2 radians, which is, in fact, the region where the rotation effects are expected.Sharing Caring.

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