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KEYMACRO is an excellent utility to create passwords from a Keyfile. It can create and import single or multiple words and password from a plain text, in the text editor and password import the Keyfile (.KF) and provide a new password. It provides also support for the creation of Keyfiles from Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office programs. To set the minimum password length and maximum, the display format, as well as the password and checkbox text, you can use the advanced dialog that follows the main dialog.

Special characters can be used, just select the character from the insert dialog. The Save dialog allows you to save the file or directory in which the Keyfile (.KF) was created. It is also possible to save the Keyfile (.KF) and create a new file using the Save as dialog.
KEYMACRO is composed of several functional dialogs. The main dialog (Keyfile (KF) Open/Save) has the following functions:
– Backup of Keyfile (.KF) in File or directory: In this dialog you can select the location where the keyfile is to be stored, the format of the password as Unicode or ASCII and password to be created and Keyfile (.KF) to be backed up. In the last option, the text of the Keyfile (.KF) is highlighted, so you can enter the text in the text editor.
– Display Keyfile (.KF): In this dialog you can copy and display the selected Keyfile (.KF). In the second form, the displayed text can be edited and password shown, if necessary.
– Import Keyfile (.KF): In this dialog you can use the selected Keyfile (.KF) to import the password or change its format.
– Export Keyfile (.KF): In this dialog you can select the Keyfile (.KF) in which to create the password.
– Backup of Keyfile (.KF): In this form you can select the location where the keyfile is to be stored, the format of the password as Unicode or ASCII and password to be created.
– Create new Keyfile (.KF): This is the most important function of the Keyfile (.KF) application. In this form you can create a new Keyfile (.KF) and open the Select Keyfile dialog from which to select the Keyfile (.KF) which you want to be used to create the password. You can also create a new keyfile from a d82f892c90

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= ${title}

MEDIAWIKI (Rails) (refactored for MyWiki)
# coding=utf-8


class MyWiki
def title
@title = ‘bla’

# Note: the ‘=’ character is called a KeyMacro, it is used to evaluate the result of a macro and set a variable.

mywiki =

# Explicitly getting the keyword objects from the dict passed
# to the MyWiki class:

mywiki.title = ‘bob’

# Display it:

puts mywiki.title

# ‘bob’

# You can also access the data through a Ruby class method or a private variable.

# Variables are included with all myWiki::, whereas methods are included with MyWiki::.

# To access the title:
# => ‘bob’

# To access the variable:
# => ‘bob’

# You can even access the title through a class method, but it is no longer private.

# The best way to explain this one is to give an example:

class TestClass
def test_method
puts my_private_variable

def self.test_class
puts my_private_variable

test =
# => #
# =>
# => #
# =>
# => #

# To access the variable with a class method:

# => #

# To access the variable with a class method in the same scope:

# => #

# To access

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