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How to run and install an Orb?

To answer this question, I start this tutorial with explaining the Orb of Windows, a very small program that doesn’t actually does anything, but it is included with Windows 7 by default.
If you run Orb on Windows 7, it will appear on your taskbar, but you can’t really do anything with it.
If you want to change it, there is an option “Load Orb” in the settings of the taskbar, which doesn’t really work.
The Orb is the first entry of the taskbar, so the actual start button is located behind it.
When you click on Orb, a message appears saying that the program requires admin rights, and you have to allow the program to run with the elevated privileges.
What does Orb actually do?

The Orb of Windows is the software which contains a lot of start buttons.
By default, the program installs about 75 buttons, which are ordered by category (for example, games, music, etc.).
Some of them can be moved around, as well as removed or hidden.
The buttons can be also set to never autoload, so they will be only accessible when you click on Orb.

Below you can see a screenshot of the Orb with 50 buttons, including the default search button.

The Orb can be used to replace the Windows 7 start button, but unfortunately, it doesn’t provide you any other options.

In order to change the start button, you need to run Win7 Start Orb Loader.

Although the program is quite small (12.1 MB), it provides lots of features, including 3 different start button styles, custom backgrounds, custom titles and icons, as well as the ability to add multiple buttons and customize them in many other ways.

Here you can see the three different button styles, namely default, hover and press.
The first option is what you normally see, while the second and the third versions of the button are more advanced.
When you hover over the button, it becomes highlighted, which makes it easier to spot.
The press style is kind of an animated version of the default style, with moving buttons and buttons opening and closing.
The application supports all the popular file formats, including.png,.bmp and.ico.

You can also set the start orb to never autoload, so it won’t be displayed on eea19f52d2

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