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The bit-rate of this video is currently unknown. Subtitles have been hidden from YouTube. Please report this video to YouTube. We believe this video is no longer safe on YouTube.
Please report this to the administrators of YouTube. · information about the author · movie details · Title:Diorama

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It just means you’re using them, not replacing them.


In a normal log configuration, stdout or stderr is redirected to a file, by using the 2>file or 2>>file syntax.
This means that you’re actually going to keep logging both to the file, and to screen, but the file will be the one that will be cleared regularly.
If you want to fix it, you should edit /etc/rsyslog.conf to add this line:
if $programname == ‘rotate’ then
auth,authpriv.*?4? /var/log/swift-rotate.log
*.*?4? /var/log/swift-rotate.log

This makes it clear that the logfile is the one cleared regularly.
If you want to redirect both to the screen and the log file, then you need to do this in 2 steps:
if $programname == ‘rotate’ then
auth,authpriv.*?4? /var/log/swift-rotate.log
*.*?4? /var/log/swift-rotate.log 2>&1

As pointed out by @mcbreak in the comments, for a more elegant solution you can use the $Action variable. It contains the complete action taken in this section of the configuration. You can use the $Action-on-match variable as a pattern, and it will be used to parse your log configuration.
In your case, this should work:
if $programname == ‘rotate’ then
auth,authpriv.*?4? /var/log/swift-rotate.log
*.*?4? /var/log/swift-rotate.log 2>&1

This works for any file or directory (including both files, and directories of directories) that have the $Action-on-match variable set to rotation.
As pointed out by @Davison, it is better to have the log written to the file in a

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