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Keymacro is a soft realtime MAC key management tool that lets you add and delete MAC keys and update their positions easily.Keymacro allows for multiple MAC address assignments to be set per key with the ability to turn MAC keys on and off.
KEYSCAN Description:
With the KEYSCAN function you can scan up to the maximum number of MAC addresses that the keyspan cards support. You can even scan several cards at once with different assigned MAC addresses.
The result is displayed as a list of MAC addresses with the number of available keys and of used keys.
When a key is clicked on, a new window opens with more information on the key in it. This includes the key value, its address, status, its assigned MAC and the actual MAC, all shown in a graph-like form.
When a key is clicked on the keyspan window opens with the following additional information:
– MAC addresses assigned to the key
– Status of the key: is it on or off
– MAC addresses in use
If a key is assigned, it appears with the assigned MAC address in the keyspan window. The actual MAC address is displayed on the graph-like form.
The key is either ‘on’ or ‘off’, as indicated by the status column. If the key is on, the key is shown in the selected color and the label shows the assigned MAC address.
If a key is off, the key and its label appear in grey.
For each MAC address that is assigned to a key, there is an additional window open with a graph-like form displaying the corresponding MAC address. This graph form can be used to check if the MAC address is really assigned to the key. The MAC address field allows you to switch between current and assigned MAC addresses. If the MAC address is assigned, the MAC address will be displayed in the selected color.
If the MAC address is the current MAC address, the MAC address will appear in grey. The label for the MAC address is still shown in the MAC field.
Each MAC address has the following settings:
– Enable off
– Show label
– Show MAC address
– Visibility
– Color
You can switch between the current and assigned MAC addresses easily.
Key Scanning:
You can scan a range of MAC addresses, which can be selected from the form.
The scan result will be displayed as a list of MAC addresses with the number of available keys and of used keys.
When a MAC address is d82f892c90

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It is a Mac OS X tool that is designed for developers and programmers who need the ability to create and manipulate text macros in Mac OS X. Keymacro offers extended abilities when it comes to creating, editing, running, and managing macros and makes the process of manipulating text codes much more easier.
KEYMACRO Features:
Macro: Create, edit, run, and delete macros
Macro Markup: Supports code markup and outlining of text code
Macro Scope: Supports scope for macros
Macro Definition: Supports macro definition, tracing, and control
Macro Keybindings: Includes predefined keybindings and custom keybindings
Simple UI: Allows you to create and manage macros easily
Time Stamp: Add time stamps for macros
Log: Log messages during macro execution
Platform Support: Mac OS X (10.4.7 and later)

Additional features:
Extended Macro Definition: Supports additional definition features like Find, Replace, Replace in, etc.
Direct Definition: Supports direct definition for keybindings and macros
Import: Allows you to import macros from other applications
Macro Storage: Allows you to store macros for reuse
Export: Allows you to export macros to other applications
Save Copy: Allows you to save a copy of macros before making changes
Shortcuts: Allows you to create custom shortcuts for frequently used macros
Piggyback: Allows you to insert piggyback information into a macro
Annotate: Allows you to annotate a macro to make it more readable
Instruction: Allows you to insert instruction into a macro

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Other Database Connectors
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