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– Move application to the system tray
– Enter tray area
– Ctrl+Alt+M (MS key) to send application to tray
Key features:
– Simple and easy to use
– Support for many applications
– No installation required
– Can run from any drive
– No leftovers in the registry
– Support for Android and iOS devices
– Runs silently in the background
– Small size

Smart Tray

Move your apps to the tray, and do it with just one click!
You can manually move applications by dragging their icons from your taskbar to the system tray area. Or, you can take advantage of Smart Tray and automatically move every application that is running when you send it to the tray.
Smart Tray comes in handy when you’re on the go and don’t want to move all your running apps to the system tray. Instead, you can send them there after you’re done with an active app and take away all the clutter from the taskbar.

Smart Tray Description:
– Move applications to the tray
– Simple & easy to use
– Works great for smartphones
– No installation required
– Can run from any drive
– Supports Mac and Windows
– Runs silently in the background
– No leftovers in the registry
– Support for Android and iOS devices
– Can use any tray icons or desktop icons
Key features:
– Can move any application
– Runs silently in the background
– Supports Mac and Windows
– Smart Tray automatically detects applications that are running when it’s sent to the tray
– No leftovers in the registry
– Supports Android and iOS devices
– Supports a different tray icon for Android and iOS

Tray Data Cleaner

Tray Data Cleaner is a simple utility that can quickly clear the items currently displayed on the system tray area. Such trash like old notifications, temporary folder that no longer exist and any other unwanted items.
Its only two button control interface takes advantage of a minimalistic look, letting you focus on the task at hand.
The app does not interfere with the operation of the operating system, is easy to use, runs silently in the background and supports Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.
It comes with no nag screens and no ads, so you can use it completely at your own leisure.

Tray Data Cleaner Description:
– Remove notification icons from the 384a16bd22

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* The most flexible and powerful menu maker – ACCORDION, HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL MENU ADVANCER
* GREAT New features
* New UI optimized for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad and Android
* New Theme system
* New and improved loading pages
* New/Improved CSS Menu maker
* New fully customizable skins
* RUSSIAN translation
* Code editor – Code folding
* Brackets – Code editor
* Typing and Save button
* Font sizes and colors can be changeable
* One click to break/unbreak tabs
* Save and Load everything (headers, source, stylesheet, custom CSS and custom JS)
* Customizable menu colors (including transparent)
* Customizable header background color
* Customizable navigation background color
* Customizable navigation bar color (including transparent)
* Fullscreen mode with title bar and menu
* Fullscreen mode with title bar only
* Set window size according to browser
* Can be used to create navigation bars, navigation menus, the whole site navigation, and much more…
* In-built tools for Customize and Styling
* In-built tools for Creating navigation elements (images and text)
* Save CSS and change every design options
* Edit CSS and change every design options
* Drag-and-drop menu maker
* Drop-down menu maker
* Create online website – navigation bar
* Create website/contact us pages
* Create design/menu for mobile and tablet/mobile devices
* Replace or add menu to pages and post
* Create tables for layout navigation
* Create different kind of forms for registration/login etc.
* Create different links for different content sections (About Us, Members, Contacts, News, Top members, Board etc)
* Create different links for different customer classes (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc)
* Create different links for different languages (English, German, Chinese, etc)
* Create different links for different countries (USA, UK, Australia, etc)
* Create different links for different currencies (Euro, US dollars, etc)
* Add contact form to pages/post (HTML version or custom WYSIWYG version)
* Add/Remove/Modify custom design elements
* Change styles and colors on fly
* Keep all options within one archive
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