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The RecordsKeeper is a web based application that can be used by anyone to keep a record of any kind of information.
This application is meant to allow people to keep records for a variety of reasons.
Although the application can be used for personal purposes it is most suited for corporate purposes. It allows users to create an organization where users are grouped according to projects. A user can manage the organization by creating and editing projects, users and groups, as well as creating and editing records.
The RecordsKeeper application has two parts. The first part is the application itself and the second part is the platform on which the application runs. The platform is a multi-tier, cloud-based, platform that allows it to scale to meet the demands of many users.
The application is intended to provide you with a solution for keeping records that are not necessarily high transaction systems.
The RecordsKeeper system allows you to keep a record of things that you may like to remember, either for reference or for historical purposes.
Examples might include keeping track of your weight, your cholesterol levels, the number of miles or hours you run or jog each week, month or day.

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Official Record Keeper Website

Category:2004 software
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This plugin is made to emulate the sound of a classic pre-amp which is why it has it’s own graphic equalizer and mixer. Bypass/send effects (in off position) to external compressor or limiter and manipulate the settings in an easy to use interface.
8 bands graphic equalizer
A-D/V compressor
A/D gain
A/D limiter
A/D fader
A/D mixer
Filter cutoff freq


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