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-We try to solve this problem since long. You can find some old post on my blog. This is a brand new one.
-Supported by Android 5.0 and above.
-Can track any number of Yahoo ID’s.
-Contains the latest algorithm and the best one at the moment.
-Uses API. It will never cause any conflicts with application.
-Fully working. You can test it with demo account. You will see how smooth it works.
-It’s fully customizable. You can change both the layouts of both the home screen and detail screen.
-Both the homescreen layout and detail screen layout are fully adjustable. You can select from 3 different layout settings. By default it will be the 3rd one. You can change it to any other one you want.
-The app will have a button (DONE), and will also show some progress in the lower right corner of the screen, next to the DONE button.
-You can set the IM Robo app as startup application.
-You can change the launch screen.
-You can set the notification badge to alert you when the status changes.
-You can set the text color and background color.
-Both the layout of the homescreen and detail screen can be changed.
-You can make the app invisible by default. You can also show it as a visible application.
-You can show the IM Robo app in the list of recent apps.
-You can hide the buttons on the detail screen.
-There are 2 option to read IM Robo’s log. You can set it to show when the app is in the background or to show it in the app’s detail screen.

RAMDAC – is a tiny and simple RAMDAC display for Android! This is a.jar file (Java class).
RAMDAC – MainWindow.xml
It is not based on any kind of framework, not on a library. It contains a small, simple GUI, all the instructions are included.
RAMDAC – ramdac.png
RAMDAC – ramdac.jpg
RAMDAC – ramdac.gif
RAMDAC – AndroidStudioProjects – RAMDAC
– Should work for all Android versions, including Oreo.
– It has been tested on Android 7.1.1, Oreo
– Did not test on Android 8. eea19f52d2

One of the main criticisms of Windows 10, and the reason many still refuse the upgrade, is its disregard for user privacy. Lots of information is collected about you and your PC, either for advertisement purposes or for improving the OS. Many of these data collection methods cannot be disabled from the Windows settings available to general users.
Private WinTen is an open-source application that lets you tweak a wide range of privacy-related settings and disable Windows features that can’t be turned off normally. Moreover, it comes with a front-end for the built-in firewall.
Tweak privacy-related settings and features
While all of these modifications can be made without this utility, the process is far from intuitive, usually requiring you to edit the Registry. With Private WinTen, you can tweak everything from a simple GUI.
Among other things, you can disable telemetry, error reporting, Cortana, online searches, OneDrive, the Store, advertisements and location services. However, you will need to do a bit of research, as no explanations are provided, so it may not be entirely clear what each tweak does.
Manage the Windows Firewall from a new GUI
Private WinTen can also help you control which applications or services have access to the Internet by managing the built-in Windows firewall. Just make sure you don’t set the filtering mode to White-List by accident, as Internet access will be blocked for all services that haven’t been approved.
The firewall front-end is quite intuitive, and it does provide a more accessible alternative to the default Windows firewall configurator. However, if you only want this application for tweaking privacy settings, you can just stop it from managing the firewall altogether.

DOWNLOAD: Download Private WinTen HERE (If you don’t want to use the one below)

Installing Private WinTen on Windows 10

At the time of writing, the latest stable version is 0.7.4, which works fine for Windows 10. It is important to note that if you are installing on Windows 8.1, the process is much the same, but not all of the settings will work. Private WinTen does not support Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, which means you are restricted to Windows 7 or higher.
Download Private WinTen Here

Once downloaded, unzip the downloaded file and run the Private WinTen.exe

A screen will appear, where you can enter your username. Make sure you enter the username

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