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I’tiqad Ahlussunnah Wal Jamaah Pdf Download


This book by an Indonesian scholar is highly regarded among the traditional Islamic movement in Aceh.
The publication was translated into Russian by Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk.
This collection includes materials from the XXIV International Theological Conference of PSTU and the International Theological and Practical Conference “The Enduring Significance of the Cross in the Liturgical Tradition of the Orthodox Church”, which took place this year.
The collection is addressed to teachers and students of theological faculties, as well as to all those interested in Christian history and tradition.
Art editor T. Pavlovskaya
Do not lose the value of the Teachings of Christ: Spiritual and philosophical essays. – M.: PSTBI, 2012. – 508 p.
The book of the famous Indonesian scientist Professor Malat Sada Virutuka is an essay on the history of the spiritual heritage of world Christianity, collected by him throughout his life.
The value and relevance of this book is determined by the following:
– in the religious traditions of the East, philosophy plays an important role, which is understandable and expected for any educated person;
– the theology of the East has always been fundamental to the further development of all other religious traditions;
Thus, the book of Professor Malats Viruta is a fascinating dialogue with the East, through the prism of philosophy, Christianity, mysticism and Eastern religions.This book was written by a famous Indonesian scientist, professor of Xinjiang University Sun Yongling.
Information about the book “Professor Sun Zheng’s Summary of Scientific Works”
Sun Chuanchen is a famous Chinese philosopher, religious figure and statesman. He is the editor of The History of the Sung Revival, a popular fundamental work on the history of Sung and North China, published in 1921. This work is the “starting stone” for the study of the history and culture of China, which has not lost its significance to this day.
By publishing the “History of the Sung Renaissance”, Sun decided to acquaint as many people as possible with the entire body of knowledge about the Sung Renaissance, and with what contribution Chinese science made in this process. Therefore, the publication “Code of Scientific Works of Sun, Zheng” includes articles about the scientific and philosophical activities of Sun and Zheng, about the role they played in the history of the development of modern China, and most importantly, what these discoveries influenced.
Famous Indonesian Scholar Prof. Sun Cha



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