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EasyMTU is an application that allows you to change the settings of your dial-up modem for TCP/ IP. The application is able to detect the maximum transmission unit (MTU) of the dial-up adapter and set the best possible value for the incoming and outgoing packets.
This powerful utility is able to display detailed information about the TCP/IP settings that are in use by the network connection adapter, providing a perfect insight into your settings.
The program can also detect the status of the TCP/IP settings and display the last status of the test. The log can be exported to a text file in order to examine the settings and the test results in detail.
Additionally, the application allows you to access the IPv4 configuration wizard in order to detect the basic settings of your modem and get the best possible value for the transfer unit.
The easiest and fastest way to obtain the benchmark information is to test the maximum transmission unit. The application is able to perform several tests in order to check if the MTU allows you to access the websites that you want to.
Furthermore, EasyMTU is able to save the settings for the dial-up adapter. The program is able to save data in the registry in order to make future modifications on the settings of your adapter easy and fast.
Additionally, this tool can also modify settings of the TCP/ IP. It allows you to set up the maximum transmission unit, segment size and a few other TCP/IP settings.
All the detailed information is stored in a log file and it can be exported to a file format of your choice.
EasyMTU User Interface:
The main window of EasyMTU displays the following tabs, with their options: Home, Options, Settings and Help.
The Home tab is intended to provide the user with some basic and necessary information about the application.
The Options tab allows you to set up the following details: language, full screen mode and the initial settings of the application.
The Settings tab is intended to let the user modify the settings and download the settings saved by the application.
The Help tab provides additional details about the features of the application.
You can minimize the application to make room for other Windows applications.
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bClient is a software that organizes contacts and phone numbers, supports different phone modems and acts as an email sender and an SMS sender.
You can setup these elements in order to keep up with the ever increasing load of your contact list.

I hope you find bClient handy for your needs and thus my review.

bClient User Interface:

The user interface has a red lettering background which is changed in real time.The user interface has a blue lettering background which is changed in real time.Starting at 2 p.m. PST today, a big change takes place in the Destiny 2 beta test. “Patch 4.1.1 is live and you can get it,” Bungie’s Peter Johnson writes on Twitter. “We’ll have a livestream of the public test starting at 2pm PT / 5pm ET.” To see what’s going on, you can watch the livestream on the Bungie website or in the player’s live feed settings. If you’d rather not watch live, you can also access your beta stats to see what you’ve been doing.

The last big update to Destiny 2, Curse of Osiris, came out in late October. We’ve got the beta under our belt and have seen some big changes in the games’ systems. Earlier today, Bungie teased some new content for Destiny 2, though, and we’ve already seen some cool additions. After Patch 4.1.1, Destiny 2 will be ready for its final closed beta test, which will run for one week from January 15-31.

Last week, we got an early look at the Destiny 2 Crucible’s first season of competitive play, and the news was pretty good. Call of Pripyat’s new map was a particularly fun mode to watch.

If you’re not part of the test yet, you should be able to get access starting at 2 p.m. PST today.

Lilith’s Oath Update Will Give New Camos To Invictus And Lost Sectors

Lilith’s Oath Update Will Give New Camos To Invictus And Lost Sectors

If you’ve been wondering what the deal with the new, pretty-but-meaningless events in the Destiny 2 beta has been, today should clear it all up. Bungie has added a number of new items and armor to the beta (which, sadly, isn’t open to everyone just yet) and you can watch the new gear being added to the game in real time on

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