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Upload images into this application and convert them to EPUB format (iBook, Kindle, etc.) in one click!

JPG to Epub Converter is the most efficient, advanced and easy-to-use application for converting JPG to EPUB format. It can convert multiple JPG images to EPUB document, and it’s the fastest solution for converting JPG to Epub and PDF. It converts images to Epub and PDF formats with high quality and all the pages of the original book in the output document. It can create a single or batch conversion to create and export EPUB and PDF files with image on a single click. Furthermore, it supports batch converting and converting multiple pages of a book at once. The program can easily and efficiently convert images to Epub, PDF, TOC, EPUB or HTML format.

The program can convert images to Epub, PDF, TOC, EPUB and HTML format, and it can convert multiple pages of a book at once.

The main features of JPG to Epub Converter:

Batch Conversion:

You can batch convert and convert images to Epub, PDF, TOC, EPUB and HTML formats.

Support for multiple PDF files:

You can convert multiple PDF files into one EPUB or PDF file at once.

High-quality images conversion:

The images of the book will be created with the best quality, even if you haven’t specified any output format.

High conversion speed:

The conversion speed is very high; it can convert multiple JPG files to EPUB, PDF, TOC, HTML in just a few seconds.

Easy to use:

Use this tool to convert images into EPUB or PDF formats. The program is easy to use and users can use it without any knowledge of computer technology.

Great support for JPG images:

The program supports conversion to all popular image formats, including JPG, JPEG, JFIF, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD and TIF, and you can convert images to Epub and PDF format.

Convert your JPG to EPUB with one-click!

You can convert your JPG to Epub with one click. The program supports converting JPG, JPEG, JFIF, GIF, PNG, BMP, PSD and TIF files. It is eea19f52d2

This Sample Pack contains 3 different parts:

African Slit Drum (40 samples)

African Drums (10 samples)

Jide African Drums (6 samples)


Hi-Resolution Samples – 40 Instrument Samples recorded using a Tascam US-122, a tambourine (similar to tablas) and a woodblock (similar to the djembe and mbongo).

African Slit Drum Instrument Combos – Combination of various African drums, combined together to create a thick, rich and dark sound.

African Slit Drum Flutes – With samples recorded through flutes.

African Slit Drum Woodblocks – Different types of woodblocks, combined to create a rich, deep and dark sound.

African Slit Drum Tambourine – The tambourine is an instrument that uses mallets to create a pleasant sound. Its origin is oriental.

African Slit Drum Read Me:
This library is licensed under a Creative Commons License. These are the terms under which you can use the audio samples in this library. Please do not re-distribute the samples on their own.

By purchasing or downloading the files, you agree to abide by this license.

If you intend to use the samples in any way other than in the context of their creation, you must first purchase this license.

You are allowed to use the samples in ANY context.

You are not allowed to distribute the samples on their own.

You are not allowed to create and distribute derivative works based on the samples.

You must give attribution to the ‘samples’ portion of the Kontakt library, and the name of the author (Jesper Hammarström) in your work.

You are allowed to sell your work containing samples that are part of the ‘samples’ portion of this library, as long as they are sold by you and they are sold as separate products.

You must include all the license text in any such products.

The license grants do not apply to any of the Kontakt formats, Kontakt sampler or instruments, your own programming, or any other products you create.

You can use the samples in the ‘samples’ section in the Kontakt player.

You can use the samples in any other product.


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