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World Map Generator is a program which generates unique, large-scale maps for your world. The program lets you choose the number and population of your world and you can populate it with various land masses, oceans, continents, and habitats. You can also choose to populate the world with an overpopulation of primitive people or perhaps a bunch of highly advanced societies.
World Map Generator features 3 unique algorithms that you can use to choose the spread of your people. There are also settings to control the number of hours to generate, the number of civilizations, as well as the land and water level.
You can customize many settings before generating your map and you can save your map in 3 formats. It is a fast and easy to use program and you can download the maps to your desktop and include them in your other documents or use them as a reference.
Unique map generation algorithms
3 unique spread algorithms
3 unique land level settings
3 unique ocean level settings
Customizable settings
Save map to desktop as 3 different formats
The program runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

Key macro description
The program allows you to create a large scale world map on the computer with an easy to use interface. You can play with various settings such as the number of civilizations on the map, the area of land, and the proportion of land and water. You can choose the features of your civilizations in such as their resources, the amount of land and water available, as well as their geographical spread. You can create an island continent or a mainland civilization. It will produce a map of the world that will be a great addition to your files or allow you to make one on your own in a simple manner.
*The program will not generate a map without providing the option to do so.
Easy to use interface
3 unique land level settings
3 unique ocean level settings
Easy to follow tutorial
Customizable settings
Save map to desktop as 3 different formats
Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8

-Added new option “Do not generate new land”. When enabled, you can prevent the program from creating new landmasses. This can be useful if you plan to create more than one map and you don’t want the program to create multiple islands in one of your maps.
-Added new option “Do not generate new land” for setting in the map options.
-Added new option “Do not generate new land a77f14ba26

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