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WinExit is a program that makes shutting down the computer easy and fun. Programmable timers can be added to automatically shut down the computer when a task is finished. During the shutdown the applications can be saved, programs can be shut down manually, and a log file can be created for all actions.
Key features:
– Ability to configure shutdown options
– Programmable timer options
– Ability to record various actions
– Ability to save programs, programs, and browser dataSaga (journal)

Saga is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Elsevier covering all aspects of ecology, evolution, behavior and physiology of animals. The journal was established in 1960 as the Mammalian Ecology Unit Bulletin. It obtained its current title in 1976 and its current editor-in-chief is Roland White (University of Exeter). The current publisher is ScienceDirect.


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Category:Ecology publications
Category:Publications established in 1960Dain, Donegal

Dain () is a townland in the civil parish of Killeedy, barony of Tullyhaw, County Cavan, Ireland.


Dain is bounded on the north by Derryrealt townland, on the west by Gortacurlion townland, on the south by Croom parish and on the east by Gortaneely townland. Its chief geographical features are Small Lough, forestry plantations and an old stone bridge. Dain is traversed by minor public roads and rural lanes. The townland covers 156 statute acres.


In earlier times Dain was probably uninhabited as it consists mainly of bog and poor soil. It was not seized by the English during the Plantation of Ulster in 1610 or in the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland in 1649.

The 1652 Commonwealth Survey spells the name as Dinsheenagh and states that it contained two polls and a bog called Calwyn.

In the Hearth Money Rolls compiled on 29 September 1663 there were two Hearth Tax payers in Dains- – Hogan McBrearty and Hogan McBean- – and four others- – Togher McTarmahogan McGlaun, McAdam McCree, Corc McGnac and O’Reilly McGnac.

The Tithe App eea19f52d2

-The image of the blue part is repeated in the entire screen. (alternate the blue color with violet to customize it)
-Color of the background: light blue
-Color of the window: Light violet
-Size of the icons: It’s the same size than the classic color scheme
-All the flowers are well drawn
-All the icons are placed over the round flower with a check pattern
-You can customize the window color by selecting a violet shade. (a choice between 3 different shades)
-The size of the icons can be reduced with an option in the list of options
-You can move the window border by selecting an option in the list of options
-The screen background can be set by clicking on the second button in the list of options
You can find all the options by clicking on the big button in the bottom right corner.

Thursday, July 22, 2012

The new release of Size Up is out!I really think that Size Up is one of the best desktops you can download. It has the most perfect combination of very cool cool and very light skin. In this release you will find:
-A new look
-Plenty of customizations
-New, improved and some improved features
-A lot of new icons and wallpapers
If you like this theme you will love the new look that I brought with me to the new release. I designed the theme following the great previews of some users (thanks!). The main goal of the new theme is to give it a polished look and a strong simplicity. I think this is the best skin I have worked on and I think you will find it really hard to live without it.
If you have a problem with your skin or you want to use my customizations, you can find the instructions in the download section. Enjoy the new look!

Monday, July 12, 2012

SizeUp SizeUp is one of my favorite desktop themes. I designed it following the idea of the new look that we can see in many themes today. It’s simple and polished. And it has lots of options to customize it.

SizeUp Description:
-The window is a little more transparent than the classic windows theme.
-The color of the window, the color of the icon, the font, the wallpaper, the icon pack, the border and the menu options are all customizable.
-The green gradient on the window and the buttons is a nice addition.

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