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SPIGen is a utility that empowers you to develop and connect multiple custom and standardized SPI devices. The utility is designed to be intuitive to use and allows you to develop the batch protocols for custom SPI. It is compatible with all NXP MSP implementation details, including the USB to SPI and USB to Parallel interface, a feature that includes a parallel port in a computer that does not have it.
The tool is flexible because you can customize the pins found in the MSP implementation as they are available on the board. Additionally, you can also create a customized MIDI implementation that is specifically compatible with your product.
The tool enables you to write the custom SPI protocol for your product in the batch command format. In case you need to share and pass on the customized protocol to someone else, you can export the file as a MSP file. The application supports Java and Delphi for writing the custom protocol and reading the data from the device. 
SPIGen can easily be configured and developed from scratch or you can use the existing SPIGen Config file that is created when you start SPIGen for the first time.
SPIGen is perfect for the following devices:
FlexCan G2
SCI SPI Master
NXP MSPxxxx/Dual
NXP USBxxxx Parallel
SPI Control
SPI Clock
SPI Data
SPI Events
SPI Encryption
SPI Flash
SPI Reset
SPI Watchdog
For SPIGen user guide, technical information, tutorials, sample code, etc please visit:

The SPIGen Software is the source code for the SPI-GEN Program. It includes a very clear description of the program’s functions, sample code showing how to use the program, and links to pages with any updates to the software.

Here are the steps to build SPIGen. Follow these steps to build your own copy of SPIGen:

Copy the code to a text file, such as a text file named “SPIGen.cpp” located in the folder containing your.EXE files. If you have multiple folders, such as the Debug folder, the Release folder, etc., then place the code in the folder containing your application’s EXE file.
Change the name of the text file to “SPIGen.cpp” and save it.
Open the text file and locate the section entitled “SPIG eea19f52d2

– Easy to use interface
– Large selection of wallpapers
– Display one or more wallpapers on multiple monitors
– Provides a quick and easy way to choose different wallpapers for each monitor
– Customize your own wallpaper collection, or download the available collections from the Internet
– Create your own collection of wallpapers and use them on all your monitors!
– Choose which wallpapers will be shown on which monitors (and when)
– It’s easy to choose and setup the resolution and refresh rate for each monitor
– Quickly apply the best settings to all monitors
– Save your customized collections on the hard drive or use them with WUBI

Chocolatey is a package manager for.NET applications that allows the developer to distribute application without the hassle of Windows Installer.
To accomplish this, Chocolatey makes use of public APIs, (including the.NET Framework and tools like.NET Reflector) to automatically download, build, and install.NET applications. It does this without the use of Windows Installer or any other client-side executables.

A project manager and financial management system

XenApp is a complete solution for enterprise management of all kinds of enterprise solutions with the help of the most comprehensive, efficient and modern software which is used by thousands of companies.
This solution is called XenApp. You can see a lot of benefits of using this application as:
– It is an application management system.
– The application supports a lot of models, a lot of objects.
– Different object types and different media types.
– It provides a lot of customization options for each object.
– Customer information has a role.
– It provides three different types of reports: Income reports, expenditure reports and expense reports.
– It supports advanced reporting.
– It supports different languages and other languages.
– It supports a lot of different options for the application users and the administration of the project.
– It provides support for a lot of operating systems.
– It supports all kinds of images and files.

xScope 4.5.0 is a light weight, fast, and easy to use memory grapher, designed to allow you to check the performance of your applications on a client machine. It is meant to provide a graphical presentation of memory usage.
This project is still in development. xScope uses a lightweight monitoring approach that requires no installation and is completely graphical.

MBAToD is a serial port toolkit. It

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