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With KeyMacro you can easily send keystrokes to your Windows applications. Keystrokes are similar to hotkeys. They are used to control various actions and they will work no matter which application is active. If you want to use it, simply select the keystrokes you would like to use and then assign them to actions.
In case there are any important applications you use often, you can create a keyring (folder) to store the assigned keystrokes. In the end, when the keyring is connected to the application you use often, the shortcuts will be active in that program. You can use your keystrokes for everything from searching the web to watching a movie.
KEYMACRO Features:
Save keystrokes for later
Assign Keystrokes to Applications
Create Keyring for Applications
Use on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP and Vista
Download the latest versions from the link below.

The Developer –
You receive the latest updates automatically.
Limitations –
1. The keystrokes cannot be assigned for more than one application.
2. This program may crash sometimes, especially if the applications you use are not updated.
3. This program is not compatible with 64bit Windows and 32bit Windows Vista.
4. This program is not compatible with Linux and Solaris
Requirements –
1. You need at least Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and you need at least 1.5 GB of RAM or more to use the keystrokes.
2. You need to have MS office installed on your computer.
3. You need to have MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Publisher installed on your computer.
4. You need to have MS Access installed on your computer.
5. You need to have MS Project installed on your computer.
How to Download and Install –
Visit the link below and download the installer for your Operating System.

MediaPortal Ultra –
MediaPortal Ultra is a program, which brings together the power of Windows Media Player and the ease of use of Windows Media Center. Thus, by using MediaPortal Ultra, you will be able to watch all your favorite video content from all your favorite sources with just a few clicks.
Key Features –
* Plugins Support
* Every feature of MediaPortal with no limit
* DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Surround Sound 384a16bd22

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Rinzo is an XML editor that allows you to edit XML documents and XML code while you use the Visual Studio IDE.
Rinzo will display different views of the document depending on the syntax of the XML document. As you type, Rinzo will automatically update to reflect the changes in the text.
You can also get a full fledged XML editor with powerful tools, such as code completion and an XML validation tool.
Advanced search and navigation
With a minimal setup, Rinzo is an advanced search and navigation tool. All the settings are stored in your user profile. If you decide to use the XPath language, the syntax highlighting will be according to the value of your profile.
Rinzo uses a color scheme that is not intrusive. The colors are generated with a set of high-quality monospaced fonts. The color scheme is smart enough to pick colors that will not conflict with the colors of the font.
Rinzo can be used from the Visual Studio IDE, to create XML documents and validate XML documents.
It is compatible with the.NET Framework and it is free of charge.
✓ Edit XML files with ease
✓ Full text search
✓ Document navigation with a set of powerful features
✓ Read-only XML files
✓ Support for the Visual Studio.NET IDE
✓ Supports XML validation using the XPath language
✓ Supports the XSLT and XSD languages
✓ Export/Import user settings from a text file
✓ Preserve line numbers
✓ Full Unicode support
✓ Unicode text support
✓ Multi-language support
✓ Powerful regex engine
✓ Customize the font
✓ Use XPath and XSLT to locate text in the document
✓ XML schema validation
✓ Save and reload document
✓ Support for Microsoft Visual Studio
✓ Load from a file
✓ Save to a file
✓ Import from a file
✓ Edit XML files
✓ Edit XML documents
✓ Edit XML files with Visual Studio
✓ Save XML files
✓ Export to XML
✓ Get XML schema
✓ Export and import user settings
✓ Read only XML files
✓ Save XML with Visual Studio
✓ XML file validation
✓ XML schema
✓ Customize the font
✓ View XML file in a different format
✓ Search the document
✓ Display current document in different view

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