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MeetingsAssistant is a useful program that allows you to manage and attend your meetings from its main panel, whether you are using different service meetings at once, like Zoom or Google. General facts about the application The tool is built in Electron and it provides a clean-looking interface with an uncomplicated menu, all for simplicity and a better focus on the task at hand. As with all Electron tools, it is expected that MeetingAssistant is a pretty large program. However, given that modern devices have increased storage, for most people, this should not be an issue. The tool is a semi-portable instrument, meaning it needs no installation, but it does leave some traces into your registry, for later retrieving settings and user-input data needed for the application to work as expected. Managing your meetings’ data With this program, you have access to a simple and effective organizational tool. Unlike ultra-sophisticated software solutions that are constantly pushing new features and complex integrations, MeetingAssistant keeps it simple. You can switch between dark and light mode from the home screen, you can add all your meetings in the general panel, you can start a meeting using the ‘Launch Meeting’ command, and you can delete past events. The way the tool works is by allowing you, through an in-app browser window, to connect to your Google account, for example. After adding an event referenced by its name, the URL needed to join it, and a description, you can use the ‘Launch Meeting’ command for starting the meeting. If you have never connected before to Google or Zoom through MeetingAssistant, a log-in will be needed. Regarding Zoom calls initiated from MeetingAssistant’s panel, if you are prompted with an error saying you can’t use the app to access the Zoom conference, just click the ‘Access in browser’ option at the bottom, and this should let you continue with your call, from inside MeetingAssistant’s GUI. Conclusion MeetingAssistant works well and although simplistic, it is useful for those who attend a lot of meetings and want a panel that helps them keep track of their schedule. This tool is still in its early stages, but a few additions could be welcomed (in future relases), like a filter section for organizing and sorting events by date, time, etc., and a ‘Home’ button that helps you return to the MeetingAssistant’s main panel after a conference is over. All in all, it is worth testing and using the application, especially for those who have a busy schedule and have a 384a16bd22

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Macro that can be used in code, such as: custom, variable, 0_0_0, print
ZUPanel 2 (napplet)
Download 1.3.0

As always we’re working hard on ZPaint, and with the latest update version 1.2.5 has been released. This is the official release for the official 1.0.0 build, and it brings with it a number of small enhancements. As always, there are no real new features in this release, it’s more about polishing things to make them look good. However, there are a few changes that really interest enthusiasts, and which can be found at the following link:
So, without further ado, here’s what’s new in ZPaint:
1. A new Windows 8.1-like UI
There’s no longer any option to use the old interface. The new one is a new standard and it takes a more minimalist look with a full-screen look. It also comes with a fullscreen option, which can be used from the context menu, or from the tray icon. Some elements are missing from the UI, but the overall look seems pretty neat.
2. Automatic memory cleaning
Programs tend to make use of memory, and often the average user is the most affected. ZPaint will now start freeing up memory, or at least it tries to do this, and with a single click it can be disabled if it needs to.
3. Major bug fixes
There were quite a few bugs found and fixed, and this should improve the overall experience of users. Most of them have been related to the context menu and the option for ZPaint to automatically close itself after being idle for a while. Other changes include various UI fixes, a new option to launch the application as administrator, and a whole bunch of bug fixes and improvements.
4. Extra themes
As you might have noticed, the application has become a lot lighter thanks to the new UI, and that’s something that has nothing to do with the actual release. In fact, ZPaint only released a few new themes, but they did it to compensate for this fact. In other words,

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