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GameCube / Gamecube ISO Tools 1.2 – get it from us


Gamecube Gcm Iso Tools 1.2

Classic Gamecube.iso tools f5574a87f2
Feb 17, 2020
GCIT writes lots of GCM-DUMP and GCM-RELOC to the ISO as well as to the \\.GCM\ directory in the ISO. Can be disabled with the -nocmd command line option.
Gamecube Gcm Iso Tools 1.2 (10.3 MB)
Gamecube Gcm Iso Tools 1.2 (10.3 MB)
Doom WAD Tool 6.4
Gamecube Gcm Iso Tools 1.2 (10.3 MB)
GCIT – Classic Gamecube.iso tools f5574a87f2
GCIT – GCM-DUMP and GCM-RELOC tools f5574a87f2
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Gamecube ISO Tools
Gamecube ISO Tools
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Gamecube ISO Tools
Gamecube ISO Tools
Gamecube ISO Tools
This page is dedicated to Gamecube Gcm Iso Tools, a release of Gamecube Gcm ISO Tools [BETA 1.2] which has been released on Thursday, 9-March-2020. I decided to make this new version totally free, as i have thought there was no need for a separate fee to be paid. If you like to give the credits to me, you can download this new version free, and there are downloads (in for the version 1.1.0 (10.3 MB) I developed for the whole community two weeks ago. In addition, the version 1.1.1 (7.3 MB) has been released today after fixing bugs.
At the beginning of February 2020, a new version of gamecube gcm iso tools has been released for 11 february 2020. 0.8.2a. Version 0.8.1 has been released only for windows systems but i have decided to release it too for other systems, if you have a linux or a MAC system you can download it from here.
Release Date
Version Date
Update GCIT to the latest version
Download the latest version
Uninstall GCIT
Doom WAD Tool 6.4
Install the Doom WAD Tool
Download the Doom WAD Tool
2.1.2 (WIN95, Win98, Win Me, Win2000, WinXP)

Gcm Iso Tools.
PS: I love that you guys keep the GCN GCI ISO’s separate from GCN, and that it’s a registered trademark, so you can rebrand.

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