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Ebook Palu Arit Di Ladang Tebu

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Category:Massacres in IndonesiaBaylor football: Smart’s call may result in Heisman-Trophy talk

BYU has been on the wrong side of many close games in the past, but it was supposed to win at least one of them. And it didn’t.

In fact, right now, it is exactly what the Cougars were, a team that wasn’t supposed to be.

But will they start thinking that way? No one’s telling them what to think.

The season’s biggest weekend and maybe the season’s most important weekend has arrived: Saturday’s game against No. 1 Baylor in the Texas Bowl.

BYU has lost two games this year against Top 10 teams: No. 11 Arizona State and No. 6 Utah. Will it happen again? Will it matter?

There are going to be 40,000-plus BYU fans at the Cotton Bowl. Maybe as many as 50,000.

“If you’re not thinking about winning your heart out, if you’re not thinking about what you should do to get better each week, then you’re not giving yourself the chance to compete at your maximum,” former BYU quarterback Max Hall said.

“That’s a lot of kids,” Hall said of his alma mater. “It makes you love the game more. We’re all a little crazy about it, but you don’t realize it. It’s a lot to ask of these kids.

“You can win 10 games in a season and only go to a bowl. If you’re winning a lot of games and still not in the national title hunt, you’ve got to ask yourself, what did you do wrong?”

Hall coached at BYU from 2007-10 before taking the coordinator job with the New York Jets. He’s watched a lot of other top-level football programs.

It has been interesting to see what has worked, and what has not, at the top.

“Part of it is that they want the best of the best,” Hall said of the Cougars. “They’re willing to do whatever it takes to get

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