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KEYMACRO is a software application created by SoftMan that allows you to convert any Microsoft Windows NT Server 2000/XP/2003 server password and key to a cryptographically strong, yet easy to remember format. This is achieved by using special codes (also called MACs, M/W/G, in particular, MECL) consisting of random sequences of characters, and which are then encrypted and stored as key in the registry. Any attempt to enter the password on the wrong keyboard layout, to change the password, or to get the keys on a different computer, will result in an error message. A modern password is safe from any attack that may be carried out on your computer.
KEYMACRO Key Features:
– A user friendly and easy to use interface.
– Works with Windows NT/XP/2003 servers.
– Shows you the generated MAC codes as you type.
– Provides help and error messages.
– Works from the Registry.
– Written in C++.
– Can be executed on the server as well as from a client.
– Can be run without Administrator rights.
– Available for download on SourceForge for FREE.
Click on the screenshot below to find out more.

Task Management System is a program that allows you to perform your daily administrative and operation tasks from your computer, without having to physically go to the computer in question.
With this program, you can create shortcuts to any executable file or to any folder. You can also create batch files and use them to work on several files or folders at once.
It is a real time saver, especially when the computer you are working with is on the Internet. You can create a shortcut of a website that you regularly visit or just bookmark a webpage and create a shortcut of that webpage.
You can drag and drop folders, files or even entire drives to a shortcut. Task Management System can even browse network shares to find the files you need.
The shortcuts created are independent from the location where they are created. Therefore, a shortcut can be removed by simply deleting the shortcut, even if it is inside a folder or a drive.
Key Features:
– A window to create a shortcut.
– Ability to create shortcuts to web pages, to drives, to executable files and to folders.
– Ability to use the created shortcuts by drag-and-drop.
– Ability to create batch files and execute them.
– Ability to drag and drop folders to shortcut. 384a16bd22

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This is a standalone Key Macro recorder. The Macro Creator is a powerful and easy-to-use application which allows you to record a specific set of keyboard shortcuts. You can record any combination of mouse clicks, keyboard strokes and Menu selections, just as if you were clicking the mouse on a mouse-defined button.
You can save your Macro in a stand-alone application to use it for other applications. This Macro Recorder is so easy to use that anybody can make his first Macro in a few minutes. Key Macro Editor Features:
Record keystrokes, mouse clicks, menu selections and button presses.
Save your macros to a self-contained file that you can use in other applications.
Edit macros while they are being recorded.
Enforce and enforce defaults.
Create buttons and menus for your macros.
Create, manage and edit menus.
If you have a persistent problem with an application you can copy the macros from the application and transfer them to the Macro Recorder. You can also transfer macros that you have recorded to a Microsoft Windows data file.
As most of us are concerned with keeping our privacy and security of personal data, we tend to be always suspicious of the possibility of someone monitoring and analyzing our internet usage.
Of course, with the help of a VPN software, that’s not a problem any longer.
But is it sufficient to use such a software for a limited number of sessions, or can you rely on it to safeguard your online activities for long periods of time?
That’s why the following VPN review was created.
Before the detailed analysis of the application, we want to briefly introduce the one of the most commonly used VPN services, that is NordVPN.
The service started as an unsecured VPN protocol, but it has since transformed into a secure and reliable VPN solution that integrates all necessary layers of security.
Besides, the privacy of your personal data is one of the service’s priorities. That is why the company employs an innovative technology that allows you to encrypt all data that goes through it and gives it complete control over it.
What’s more, the provider has several servers in different countries, which helps you in maintaining a seamless connection.
But what’s not mentioned on the website?
The answers to these questions are found in our extensive review, so make sure to read it carefully and understand everything that this software offers.
Overall, the VPN software is an easy-to-use and user-friendly tool

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