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Keymacro lets you assign macros to a certain key, so that pressing the key + the key you assigned to the macro will produce a certain command. This is useful for repetitive actions.
■ Limited to one macro
■ Limited to one filter
KEYMOUSE Description:
Keymouse allows you to configure a mouse pad to behave like a conventional mouse. When you hold a certain key, a pointer will move in the direction you are pointing in.
■ Limited to one mouse pad, one filter
■ Resizable
■ Mouse must be at the center of the pad
■ Mouse must be at least 7 pixels in height and width
■ USB interface required
OUTPUT Description:
Keypad Mouse can remap keys on your keyboard to a mouse, allowing you to perform mouse actions as if your mouse was a regular keypad.
■ Limited to one output, one filter
■ Mouse must be attached to the output
■ USB interface required
The following features are available in TurboPad:
Turbo Key:
● The ability to turn on and off a key, such as Page Down, or the ability to turn on and off all keys with the exception of a certain key, like the Alt key.
● The ability to choose between 3 light and 2 light blue in a keyboard.
● The ability to prevent keys from even being pressed.
Fn Key:
● The ability to remap keys.
● The ability to map several keys to one key.
● The ability to map a certain key to a macro, so that pressing the key + the key you assigned to the macro will produce a certain command.
● The ability to filter the keys you want to have remapped to a single key.
● The ability to assign macros to specific keys.
● The ability to enable keys that are remapped to macros to be remapped to a certain key.
● The ability to have a multi-key macro.
● The ability to have a single key macro or multiple key macros.
● The ability to assign a key as a default.
● The ability to have different keyboard layouts for different filters.
● The ability to have shortcuts in your filters.
● The ability to have hotkeys in your filters.
● The ability 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro enables you to automatically generate keyboard shortcuts for applications. This is a free application to help you create keyboard shortcuts for Mac OS X and for Windows. The app is designed to create shortcuts for all of the most popular applications, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, Excel and the Web. The KeyMacro application is well-developed, and it has a friendly user interface. It works with the OS X shortcut modifier keys, such as control, option, and command. You can even use it to create keyboard shortcuts for applications on a per-monitor basis, which is pretty handy.
You can record and store the shortcuts in one of the predefined lists that KeyMacro provides, and this way you can create a set of keyboard shortcuts for each application. The app automatically detects and creates the shortcuts for programs installed on your system, or if you just want to test KeyMacro with a single application, you can install it on the system to make a set of keyboard shortcuts for that specific app.
KeyMacro is a great app to create keyboard shortcuts for all of your favorite applications. It allows you to store your shortcuts in different lists, and this way you can quickly access them.
KEYMACRO What’s new:
KeyMacro 2.2.0 is released. This update fixes a few issues, such as a bug that prevented the applications to be installed on a system after a failed installation.
KEYMACRO can now store multiple settings within each application, and you can apply these settings to specific monitors.
KeyMacro has been updated with a new developer, who also released a new application, called Fuzzy Keyboard.
IMHO LOG Tools Description:
IMHO LOG Tools is a powerful software solution to manage log events in your network. It is a log management program that can help you monitor and view log files that are collected from the various computer devices in the network.
The program offers a very simple user interface, but it provides plenty of features to help you obtain critical information about your network events. It offers the ability to view log events in their original format, create custom reports, monitor log events over time, and also download, export, and import log files.
It supports several log formats, such as Simple Text, XML, NEL, XSLT, HTML, CSV, and TXT files. You can configure the program to collect log events from specific IP addresses or the entire network. You can also filter log events by user account, application

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