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EZ Looper is the Ultimate DJ Controller for your computer. You can use it as a MIDI Control Surface, DJ Controller or beat machine. Thanks to its modular design it allows multiple controllers and mixers to be controlled with the same app.
With a Smart Design, EZ Looper will allow you to manage your DJ set, that is the easy part. EZ Looper offers lots of controls and features to enhance your live performances. You can Load, Save, Export and Import FX, Patterns, Sequences, Mixes and BPMs all in real time. You can also record your session in EZ Looper and playback it right after your show or use it as a reliable backup for your DJ sessions. This is the only app that can do it.
You can organize your beats with tons of functions, like add effects like Compress, Reverse and Bounce. Have your own way to create loops, patterns or sequences. With EZ Looper, it is as easy as your DJ set!
EZ Looper will also help you organize your music collection. Add music to a playlist, generate playlists with songs, filter songs and organize your Music library with hundreds of easy to use filters. You can play your songs right from the library, or organize them into playlists.
You can easily record your live performances and upload your session directly to Soundcloud or DJshare with one click. EZ Looper will even convert your Live Session into an AutoDJ Session that you can upload directly to Soundcloud. All you need to do is to bring your laptop to your gig and play your song live. EZ Looper will do the rest and upload your session to Soundcloud, DJshare and Mixcloud with one click!
It is the Best Digital Audio Player around. EZ Looper will optimize your Music Collection and the way you listen to it. With EZ Looper you will never forget a song, just press a button and EZ Looper will add it to your playlist. This way you can listen to your collection, your way and pick the songs that you really want to hear. With our top notch “Elvis Presley” Audio Engine EZ Looper will help you to enjoy your music collection like a King!
EZ Looper is a DJ Controller app built with modular design.
You can control up to four MIDI controllers from the same app.
EZ Looper can control up to four MIDI controllers.
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Wondershare Dr.Fone Toolkit is an intuitive and easy-to-use program that enables you to recover lost data from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. With just a few simple steps, you can restore your data from backup, scan an iTunes backup file to get your lost files, or perform a repair to recover data from an iPhone. Wondershare Dr.Fone Toolkit is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows Vista/XP, Windows 7/8, and Mac OS.

This software is the best software that can recover data from iPhone without accessing to the iPhone itself. The recovery works on iPhone without jailbreak. In simple words, you can retrieve all deleted files, lost contacts and notes, and lost pictures. With just a few simple steps, you can fix iTunes backups, fix corrupted and damaged iPhone software, fix damaged iPhone screen and display issues, repair iPhone battery and restore data from iCloud backup. The software makes a 3 in 1 unit to recover data.

My Dr.Fone is the most advanced data recovery tool for Apple devices, which can restore lost photos, videos and other files from a damaged iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac and even macOS, including Time Machine and backup file.

(1) Scan iTunes backup file: It is the most convenient way to recover data from iTunes backup file. This software directly scans the iTunes backup file (also called data backup) to bring back deleted data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Besides, you can preview the lost items and even select them one by one.

(2) Recover from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch device: If you have deleted important data and can’t restore it on your own, then the iPhone data recovery tool can help you recover it. It is powerful, safe and friendly. With this software, you can retrieve all deleted contacts, photos, videos, music files, bookmarks, calendars, voicemails, notes, WhatsApp messages and more from your iPhone.

(3) Repair iPhone screen and display issues: If your iPhone is broken or if the touch screen does not respond or flickers when you press it, then you can fix this problem with the iPhone screen/display repair tool. This software can recover your deleted items from the broken iPhone display, such as text, picture and other files. You can even save a copy of your data to a computer or email it to yourself for future reference.

(4) Fix damaged iPhone software

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